Top Romantic Places to Visit in the World

Want to propose to your sweetheart but don’t know how and where to do that? Or you are already married and looking for a romantic getaway? Russian Women Dating site romancecompass.com has compiled a list of places replete with romantic vibes.


Tulip farms in Holland

If your better half loves flowers, take her to Keukenhof, a spring garden in Lisse, Holland. You’ll be flabbergasted by the colorful spectrum of the blooming flowers. Millions of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils create the unbelievable view that is definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.

Grand Canyon, USA

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a great destination for the couples both with adventurous and romantic spirit. Enjoy the scenery hiking its trails and climbing its stone cliffs. The colorful landscape you’ll see is really breathtaking.


Venice, Italy

Venice is the most romantic place in Italy, the floating city or a honeymoon city as it’s often called and for the reason. It’s built on the water and yes, it’s very popular among the just married couples. Although its tourist spots are pretty crowded, there are some quiet canal sides where you can walk hand-in-hand enjoying each other’s company. Take a gondola ride up the Grand Canal at the sunset. Leave the lock inscribed with your names on the Rialto Bridge. Explore the deserted streets in the night. You’ll fall in love with this city.

Kyoto, Japan

If your vacation or honeymoon falls on the cherry (sakura) blossom season in Japan (March-April), you should definitely go to Kyoto. The city turns into a big pink cloud and every romantic nature will really enjoy it. While tourists are attracted there by the beauty of the city drowned in cherry blossoms, for Japanese it’s the time for philosophy. Blossoming cherry trees symbolize the transience of our life and remind us about the pricelessness of time. Contemplate the beauty of the flowering trees and think about the eternal things together with your partner.


The Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This fairytale castle is an excellent spot for a romantic proposal. Make your sweetheart feel like a real princess. Take a guided tour around the castle, discover its legend, plunge into a romantic atmosphere, and finally, ask her to marry you.

Tunnel of love, Ukraine

An abandoned railway track that became overgrown with trees and grass now attracts many couples from the whole country. The locals call this three-kilometer long natural tunnel The Tunnel of Love. This romantic spot is particularly popular in the spring when it turns into voluminous green passage isolated from the outer world.


The Maldives

This archipelago is a popular honeymoon destination that annually attracts many couples. Take a stroll along the sand beaches, dive into a crystal water to discover the beauty of the coral gardens, lie in the caressing sun, and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Paris, France

The list will be incomplete without one the most romantic places in the world – Paris. Often called the city of love, Paris will set a romantic mood and kindle your love into a flame.