UK Tourist Attractions are Becoming more Accessible

Traveling the UK is now becoming easier as key tourist sites are catering to those who have disabilities or mobility problems. Allied Mobility offer plenty of mobility options, and you’ll also find that many attractions are becoming more wheelchair-friendly.

The best way to travel the UK is by car, as you have the freedom to stop whenever you like, take breaks, or move on earlier.

In Edinburgh be sure to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, where they provide mobility vehicles, and have plenty of seating so you can take breaks whenever you like. The Royal Yacht Britannia is an excellent option for those who want to spend the afternoon on a boat, as the Britannia is wheelchair accessible, and the staff are also known to be accommodating to people who have learning difficulties.

In York, the best place to visit is the National Railway Museum. The museum is a lovely place to explore for a few hours, and all exibits are wheelchair accessible.

If you get a chance to visit Birmingham, stop by the Birmingham Art Gallery, while some exhibitions may have limited viewing, the entrance and toilets are wheelchair accessible. The National Sea Life Centre is also a good choice for those visiting Birmingham, and you’ll be able to see plenty of sea life, while enjoying easy access throughout the centre.


Bristol is a nice place to stop, and if you love the outdoors be sure to visit the Chew Valley Lake Nature Trail. The Grebe trail here is accessible by wheelchair, and you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of wildlife and fresh air.

The At-Bristol Science Centre has an amazing 3D Planetarium, and both adults and children will love the opportunity to become animators and join in the live experiments. The Science Centre is accessible to many different people, including people who are partially sighted, and wheelchair users.

A UK road trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Cornwall. Visit Portreath Surf Life Centre, where you can hire sand chairs to relax and spend some time in the sun.

The Eden Project has disabled access, toilets, and parking, and you’ll find incredible global gardens here, with huge biomes. For more information, be sure to check out the infographic below provided by Allied Mobility:

Allied Mobility