Wedding Destinations in Montego Bay

The island of Jamaica may have plenty of beaches, but none compares to the second-largest city that is Montego Bay. This place is perfect for those seeking a sunny tropical relaxation at the beach, and exciting nightlife all packaged into one. Ranging from exotic food, historical background, rich seas, and accommodating locals, there are no shortages on what to do in Montego Bay has lots to offer. Montego Bay is destined for the adventurous soul.

Based on its background, it is unsurprising why adventurous couples choose Montego Bay as a wedding destination. Its smooth sand and clear waters are what make this small Caribbean shore so naturally attractive to the public eye. Not to mention the transforming semblance of this place during the nighttime, as it becomes the designated party place. Without a doubt, Montego Bay seems like the perfect place to get hitched. Once you’ve been convinced to spend the most important day of your life on these sands, the next question is “where exactly is the best spot to tie the knot?”. It seems as if every corner of this island is preeminent for a wedding. Here is the narrowed-out rundown of the best wedding destinations in Montego Bay.

Breathless Montego Bay Weddings

This adult-only resort provides the best view of the beach as well as a good party every night. With the only rooftop pool found in Montego Bay, a unique experience is guaranteed. This place hosts no more than 2 weddings a day with 5 venue options either in a ballroom or beachfront, so you better be quick in snatching a reservation for the date you think is best. You are definitely in for a fun night if you decide to book a spot here in Breathless Montego Bay Weddings.

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Weddings

They are one of the best resorts in terms of food options, and famous for their Jerk Chicken or Sausage from JerkZ shack. Although outdoor weddings on their beach must end at 10 pm, the programs provided by the staff is definitely enough time to have a smooth flowing ceremony. Having your wedding here will be convenient for guests since it is only 10-15 minutes away from the airport. Packages are available as well for couples who want to maximize their stay in this hotel, services such as massages, complimentary wine, and production design are offered.

Jewel Grande Weddings

Jewel Grande offers a barbeque night for wedding guests on their beachfront, allowing them to get a grasp of what Montego culture is really about. Even though they have a limited amount of rooms, this works to their advantage as it seems as if their hotel is never crowded. With the availability of 3 weddings per day and 6 venue options, on the beach, gazebo, lawn, or ballroom, demand for ceremonies in Jewel Grande are high and sell out is fast. One must plan ahead of time if they decide to have their wedding here because this four-and-a-half star rating is an experience of a lifetime.

Secrets St. James Weddings

Known as the most romantic hotel in all of Montego Bay, Secrets St. James provides the best backdrops for wedding pictures. The gazebos are overlooking the Caribbean waters, which you will be able to venture with Catamaran boats. Such as the aforementioned places, the sellout for this hotel is also very high and could be quite difficult to book since only 3 wedding ceremonies are available per day with 5 possible venues. Getting hitched here will provide you with an all-classical styled wedding surrounded by crystal waters.

Royalton Blue Waters Weddings

Royalton Blue Waters is the top selling hotel in Montego Bay. The modern architecture which overlooks the blue sea is perfect for the natural and effortless look. You can expect a relaxing ambience that your guests will surely remember. The private island is man-made and isolates itself from the rest of the world. This is a good way to be alone with your loved ones and be locked away from the rest of the world and its problems. The wedding ceremonies are limited to 3 and are around the times 12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm, with only 3 wedding venues to choose from.

Zoetry Montego Bay Weddings

With a five star rating, Zoetry Montego Bay takes pride in its all organic restaurant from the produce growing around their perimeter. They are influenced by Rastafarian culture, giving your wedding an exotic and unique touch. Aside from their white sands, they also have an infinity pool that overlooks the sea. It is also notable to mention their accommodation towards all kinds of guests, whether it is dietary concerns, they are quick to adjust to your basic necessities. If you are looking for a stress-free way of booking a wedding, Zoetry Montego Bay is the best choice for you since they have a low sell-out rate despite having 1 wedding ceremony limitation per day.