What To Do When You’ve Been in a Car Accident

The statistics are quite clear: the average driver will find themselves involved in three to four non-fatal vehicle accidents in their life. Being in a car accident, regardless of whether it’s a simple fender bender or something more serious, is a scary, stressful event and it is easy to become overwhelmed in the aftermath of an accident. Here’s a simple list of things to keep in mind when you’ve been in an accident.

Remember your rights

You have to look after you in the event of a car accident. Insurance companies often want to get the process of remunerations and repairs started right away and will put pressure on those involved to provide details and statements. This means that seeking legal counsel from a company like Motor Accident Legal Service before providing statements of any kind is a good idea. Your attorney can then advice you in how to proceed in regards to compensation, medical treatment and vehicle repairs.

Finding a reliable legal representative is important when you find yourself needing to navigate making a claim or any other legal advice is needed. Researching for reputable car accident lawyers in your area is a great place to start when you need expert guidance to ensure your rights are protected and to help you secure the best possible outcome for your case.

The scene of the accident

If you are able, start taking photographs of the accident as soon as possible. Get photos of your car, their car, every car that was involved. This means you now have a record of the exact damage done on the day so that you can compare it to the insurance claims. This will protect you from fraudsters who may try to make false damage and repair claims that they are not entitled to. The corollary to this is that if the police are on-site, do not start taking photos if it will disrupt their investigation.

Honesty is the best policy

The police should be called at once in regard to serious motor accidents as they can mediate between those involved and ensure that a proper investigation is conducted. You will be interviewed by one of the investigating officers and it is paramount that you tell them what happened with total honesty, to the very best of your ability. You will be shaken up, and it might be hard to remember things. That’s okay! If you don’t remember something or are unclear on anything, tell the officer exactly that. Avoid the temptation to make a guess or fill in any blanks yourself.

If you are injured

Shock can do funny things to the body. Flooded with adrenaline, you may be hurt and not immediately realise it. Many car accident victims report only report injuries hours after the fact. If any police or paramedics on-site ask you if you are hurt and you aren’t sure, tell them so. They will be able to give you a quick once over and make sure you’re okay. Should anyone else be injured in the crash, call an ambulance immediately or check out an Atlanta orthopedic clinic like AICA.

Car accidents are frightening and disorienting. If, in those first, crazed moments after a crash you can remember the above advice, you will make yourself extremely useful to those involved and those investigating.