Where to take a French River Cruise

Planning a French river cruise holiday might be one of the most exciting holidays you’ll ever plan: beautiful French towns and cities, amazing cuisine, the stunning language and of course the great wine. There are so many different parts of France that are excellent places to visit on your holiday, that your biggest challenge will probably be narrowing them down to which ones you’ll go to. The South of France is completely different to Northern France and then the parts in between are different again, here are some suggestions of great places for French river cruise breaks:


Paris to Honfleur:

So I have no doubt you’ve heard of Paris, after all it is the most popular tourist destination in the world, but have you heard of Honfleur? It’s a lovely seaport town with beautiful buildings, adorable little alleyways that you can look around and a bunch of wonderful restaurants. It’s quite a relaxed town, much more friendly than I found Paris to be and a beautiful place to spend a few days. This is a very popular French river cruise route as you’ll see a lot on the way and the return journey takes around 11 days which is a great length for a quick holiday.

Paris to Bordeaux:
This trip actually takes around 11 days too – which is great if you’ve got two weeks for your holiday. If you’re a fan of wine, then Bordeaux is the place for you to visit. This lovely town has a lot more to offer than just great wine, though, including Place Royale, the Grand Theatre, and the Notre Dame Church. This French town is surprisingly un-French, due in part to the 300 years it was under British rule. It is an interesting part of France to visit and a very memorable destination.
Chalon-sur-Saône to Tarascon:
Southern France has a reputation for offering some of the world’s best beaches as well as being an artist’s haven. In Tarascon you can visit Aries, which is a town that has enchanted many artists. As if that weren’t inspiring enough, you can also visit Saint-Rémy which is a small town made famous by Vincent Van Gogh. From olive groves to the Ardèche Mountains, Southern France has a lot to offer a visitor, especially by way of river cruise.