Why Paris is a must-visit after all these years

There are some destinations that suddenly grow in popularity, and all of a sudden everyone is visiting Belgrade, and others that are classic destinations that are constantly drawing new visitors and remain popular regardless of travel trends. I have here the Top Things To Do in Paris, France that you can try once you visit.

Paris is one of those classic destinations, and while other cities may rise and fall in popularity, Paris will always draw a steady flow of new and repeat visitors due to the many things it has to offer.

Paris doesn’t try to be popular. Parisians aren’t particularly interested in attracting more tourists, and this effortless cool and laid-back attitude only makes people want to visit even more.

So how does Paris manage to retain this popularity while other cities compete for tourists? Paris is a city of romance, and while it’s a great city to travel to while you’re alone, it’s an even better place to visit with that special someone. Even the most hardened cynics find it difficult to resist the romantic lure of Paris, and as the place that sees the most marriage proposals in the world and a popular honeymoon destination, it’s easy to see why.

For history buffs, artists, writers and those who enjoy learning about other cultures, Paris is hard to resist. From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, the many interesting side streets and interesting museums, Paris is a city that can keep you entertained for days.

Even if you’re not a fan of the architecture, it’s hard to overlook the food, with Parisians being famous for their many offerings of different breads, cheese, wines and sweets. Who can resist a fresh croissant and coffee while gazing at the Eiffel Tower or wine and cheese on some soft grass while people watching?

 When compared to London and other expensive European cities, Paris is also remarkably affordable. If you’re planning to spend a few weeks in the city then it’s well worth looking into an AirBnb, while there are also many hostels, hotels and guesthouses available to suit every budget and comfort level.

Getting around Paris is surprisingly easy and cheap, and the Metro offers an excellent opportunity to watch everyday Parisians going about their lives. When you first fly into Paris you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to get directly to your hotel though, especially if you’re jetlagged or don’t know the city very well, so consider getting an airport transfer to make life easier and more pleasant on that first day.

If you’re travelling on a budget you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to see the city without going bankrupt, and Paris has many free events, especially in the summer months. Paris is one of those cities that is great to wander around, so visit the local market, grab a bite to eat and spend some time strolling around neighbourhood streets and opening your eyes to Parisian life.