Why your next Vacation should be to Malang, Indonesia

If you like the idea of a breezy climate and leafy boulevards straight our of the colonial era, Malang is the place for you. Life moves far less quickly here, compared to Surabaya which is the capital of the region.

For those who like cities with culture, Malang is home to a huge student population with many important universities- giving it a younger feel. After it was settled by the Dutch in the late 18th century, the city made its money from coffee which was found in the hillsides around the town. Today, the grandeur of the city is slowly disappearing behind more modern developments, but the many great places to stay and sights to see make it an excellent base if you’re planning to explore more of Indonesia.

Candi Singosari, Singosari, Malang, Jawa Timur.

The city is small, and you’ll find fewer than 1 million are located here, however many people like to visit this laidback town to relax and take the opportunity to escape the heat.

The Singosari temples are a must-visit, and you’ll find them dotted throughout the counrysidde and dating from the 14th century. The aln-alun is one of the focal points of the town, and you’ll be able to revel in local life as it turns into a bustling market every night with vendors selling everything you can imagine. The markets are also extremely popular on Saturday nights when many people head out to find a bargain and meet their friends.

Close to the alun-alun you’ll find many different fast food restaurants, malls and bookstores. This is a good place to visit if you want a change from street food or simply want a taste of home.


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Malang has somehow managed to retain a certain charm, regardless of the fact that it’s becoming an increasingly popular spot with tourists. The food is impeccable, with plenty of local options and street food, bakeries with delicious pastries and also more fine dining experiences. For those who are a little more adventurous, it’s possible to even buy rice which is mixed with live ants. Many restaurants serve Dutch specialities, such as the Toko Oen Restaurant, and you can get some great photos of the Jami mosque which is located close by

Be sure to hang out in the park, which is full of people during both the day and night and surrounded by many different markets so you can interact with locals and pick up a few souvenirs to take home.

Malang is easy to get to from neighbouring cities and towns in Indonesia. From Yogyakarta you can take a night train and from Surabaya there are both trains and buses that travel constantly.