7 Ways To Refresh & Upgrade Your Home Office

When youre working from your home office on a daily basis, the same four walls can start to feel a little bland. Your workspace plays a crucial role in keeping you energized and motivated to work, so having a functional desk, fun wall art decor and a personalized vibe are all essentials. Whether youve been thinking about switching things up with peel and stick wallpaper or you simply want to refresh your desk to make working from home a little more exciting, there are several simple ways to upgrade your home office in a flash.

1. Place a Few Plants Around the Office

An office thats too drab can drag down your mood throughout the day and even demotivate you. To add a natural decorative touch, try putting a few potted plants around the office. You can get succulents, for instance, that need very little watering or upkeep.

2. Switch Up Your Wallpaper to a More Inspiring Color or Pattern

An easy way to refresh the vibe of your office without having to make too many changes is to put up a new type of wallpaper with a more inspiring or standout color or pattern. You can browse through Wallshoppe and find the wallpaper that matches the mood you want for your office!

3. Get a Natural-Light Desk Lamp or Open Up the Windows for More Light

A poorly lit office can lead to headaches and distractions throughout the day. Make sure your office is well lit by positioning your desk near a natural source of light, like a window, or getting a desk lamp fitted with natural-light bulbs for additional brightness.

4. Try a Standing Desk for Additional Health Benefits

Sitting throughout the day can unfortunately have negative health effects, so consider getting a standing desk. Some standing desks even come with built-in slow treadmills, so you can keep active throughout the day and improve your blood circulation.

5. Invest in a Truly Comfortable Chair

Working a desk job usually involves sitting for hours at a time. So you can be sure your health isnt negatively affected and that you dont end the day sore and stiff, invest in a truly comfortable chair with padding, armrests and a neck rest. You may be surprised at the results!

6. Keep Your Supplies Labeled and Organized

The easier your office is to navigate, the less stress youll feel searching around for supplies during the day. Perhaps the most straightforward way to simplify your workspace is to organize and label all your supplies. A specialized organizer can make your materials even more accessible!

7. Put Up a Personalized Whiteboard for All Your Ideas

Last but not least, every office worker knows theres no shortage of notes to write down or reminders to leave yourself during the workday. To make keeping track of tasks easier when youre working from home, put up a personalized whiteboard in the room.

An upgraded home office can refresh your frame of mind and motivate you to do your best on work-from-home days. To give your home office a fresh feel, try these quick and easy tips!