5 Easy Changes to Get and Stay Healthy

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard!  Making a few simple changes in your lifestyle and habits can make a world of difference in your health.  Try a few today and see how easy it is!

#1: Take the stairs.

Motion is key for staying healthy.  Like the old saying goes, “If you don’t wear out, you’ll rust out.”  You don’t have to run ten miles every day, but walking or biking to an errand will burn a lot more fat and calories than driving.  It’s easy to make excuses for not being active, so don’t fall into that trap.  The most common excuse is “I don’t have enough time.”  If you’re a few minutes late for an appointment because you took the stairs, people will understand.  Or better yet, plan those extra few minutes in your schedule!


#2: Prepare your portions.

Being healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t eat cake—you just shouldn’t eat the entire cake.  Make it easier for yourself by preparing smaller portions for yourself.  Instead of grabbing the whole bag of chips, put a handful into a bowl and put the bag away.  If the serving size for your pasta is 2, split it evenly in half and put the leftover half in the fridge for tomorrow.  Plastic baggies, reusable containers, and bento-style lunchboxes can make portioning a breeze.  If you aren’t preparing the food for later, you can encourage smaller portions by using smaller plates!

#3: Get a buddy.

It’s important to feel accountable for your health.  Whether you have a dedicated health partner or you’re posting your goals and progress on social media, having someone keep an eye on you can be a positive influence.


#4: Think positive.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are two sides of the same coin, and it’s difficult to have one without the other.  Focus on the good and the positive in life, and try to minimize negative thoughts.  If being positive is difficult, try starting with other people; giving compliments to friends and strangers can make them happier, which can make you happier too.  Being positive should come easily to a healthy person, so if you have trouble being happy, you may want to think about therapy or professional help.  It’s normal to seek professional help for a mental issue, just like you’d seek help for a physical issue.  A healthy mind and a positive outlook on life are key to your well-being.

#5: Drink more water.

Water is the root of life.  A human can live for weeks without food, but just a few days without water.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t drink nearly as much water as we should.  Dehydration can lead to reduced brain function, headaches, digestive issues, and other health issues.  Many people even mistake pangs of thirst for pangs of hunger!  To trick yourself into drinking more water, try using a larger water bottle or a squeeze-type bottle like those used by professional athletes.  Using flavored water drops or teabags can give your water flavor, making it easier to get down.  When your urine is consistently clear, you’ll know that you’re properly hydrated.