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Insights Into Insomnia

Insomnia is an inability to sleep. Despite exhaustion, your mind will be unable to shut down. Of course, we all suffer sleepless nights now and again. A diagnosis of insomnia means you fail to sleep more than an hour or so, night after night. If insomnia is haunting you, it’s important you do everything you can to improve the situation. Lack of sleep can cause major issues for your health and mental well-being. And, we all know the horrible feeling of lying awake with nothing but your thoughts. Like with anything, you need to recognize the causes before you solve them. Extreme cases of insomnia may have no apparent cause, but many sleepless nights happen for a reason. Here’s a list of a few and what you can do to change them.


A busy mind can be a major culprit when it comes to a lack of sleep. Do you lie down, only to have your mind go haywire thinking about work and other worries? You’re not alone. The good news is, there are methods you can adopt that should help. The first thing you should try is to cut out all distractions before bed. Give yourself at least an hour of unwind time. Take a bath or read a book. Let your mind settle. Too many of us go from looking through work emails to getting into bed. Is it any wonder we’re plagued with worries once we get there? If the problem persists, attempt to clear your mind with meditation. Half an hour before bed, sit down and practice meditation so that you go to bed with your mind as clear as possible. It may take a while to perfect this, but it’ll make a huge difference to how you sleep. It can also be helpful to practice mindful breathing when trying to get to sleep. Each time you feel your mind wandering, turn your attention to your breath. Eliminate the distractions and focus on each in and out of your breathing. This is an excellent way to relax and is sure to make a difference.


Insomnia can be a vicious cycle. There’s a temptation to distract yourself from the fact you can’t sleep. The trouble is, those distractions stop you from having any chance of it. It can also be the distractions you don’t recognize that cause your sleeplessness. It’s worth changing where you sleep to see if things improve. Small things, like too much light or noise, can disrupt you. Make sure, too, that you don’t sleep with the television on. You may want to leave it on to keep you company, but it can have the opposite effect by keeping you awake. Your mind won’t be able to shut down if it’s focused on what’s happening on screen. Remember that you want to help your brain shut down. The less distraction, the better.


If you have difficulty getting to sleep, the last thing you want to do is wake up because you’re uncomfortable. Discomfort during the night can be a huge hindrance to the amount of rest you achieve. Ensure that you have the best possible mattress, and invest in the right comforters and blankets to give you warm fluffy comfort. Being too cold in the night is sure to wake you up, too! As well as waking you up, discomfort could be playing a part in your inability to get to sleep. Stock up on the best equipment and take note of any changes. It may surprise you how much better you sleep this way! Without hard springs and temperature issues, you could sleep like a dream.


If you’ve attempted the above and are still having problems, take more drastic action. Insomnia is a medical condition, and it can require a medical cure. Insomnia can also be a symptom of an underlying problem. That’s why it’s important you get checked out! If all the above hasn’t worked, you can be sure there’s something else going on. Depending on the severity of your case, your doctor may prescribe medication. They may also suggest further changes you could make to your bedtime routine. Continue to put these changes in place, even when taking medication. You need to find a natural way back to sleep, too. And remember, there’s no easy fix. You need patience. Becoming frustrated won’t help the situation and may make sleep even harder to come by. Have patience that you will sleep like a baby again one day!