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Little Details That Will Transform Your Look

Looking good is something that virtually everyone wants to do. Most of us spend a huge amount of time and money shopping, so that we have nice clothes to wear. Despite this, at some point, you have probably looked in the mirror and been disappointed by what you saw, but not been able to put your finger on what was wrong.

If that has happened to you this post should help. It highlights the little grooming, and styling, details that make a huge difference to your overall look.


Wear the right underwear

This one is a strange one. If you do not choose the right underwear, you really can spoil the way you look.

Having your bra showing, will definitely detract from the fact that the expensive dress you are wearing fits you like a glove. Knickers that are too tight will cut into your waist, and create an unnecessary bulge.

This is why you really need to have specific underwear to wear with each outfit. Fortunately, finding and buying the right bra and knickers is no longer difficult.

As you can see here there is plenty of choice, so finding the right bra and knickers set for you really should not be hard. This is the case regardless of your size or body type. More manufacturers are making their lingerie in a bigger range of sizes. They are now taking account of the fact that the shape of modern women has changed considerably. For example, the average bra size for British women has gone from a 36C to 36DD in under a decade.

Get rid of the fluff

It does not matter how perfectly your clothes fit, if they are not pristine, you will not look good in them. It really is worth investing in a good clothes brush, and using it. The trick is to brush your clothes off while they are still on the hanger. That way you can get all of the fluff off the back as well as the front of each garment.

Try new clothes on when you get home

If you buy something new, when you get home try it on with some of the other clothes you already own. This is a great way to see how well your new purchase fits in with your wardrobe. It will help you to work out whether you really want to keep that new garment, and enable you to determine which outfits look good on you.

Find yourself a tailor

Making sure that your clothes fit properly is also important. It is well worth using a local tailor or seamstress to help you with this. If you cannot find anyone near where you live, try to learn some basic sewing skills yourself.

If something feels a bit tight or is too lose, resist the temptation to wear it anyway. Instead, leave it in the wardrobe, or have it adjusted, so that it fits properly. Usually you can have most items of clothing taken in or let out multiple times, so taking this approach is also a good way to get more wear out of your clothes.