Is it Possible to Brand E-cigarettes in a Positive Manner?

The so-termed ‘future of smoking’, electronic cigarettes, emerged on the market as a smoker’s dream. Not only are e-cigarettes smoke and tar free, they also release nicotine and provide almost the same experience as that of lighting up. An instant hit, electronic cigarettes made the tobacco market sit up and take notice. Gone are the days of affordable, fashionable smoking for all – in fact, the cons of smoking continue to blight the tobacco industry with some well-known brands including shocking imagery on their packaging to ward off potential consumers. However, it wasn’t long before e-cigarettes came under scrutiny. Was this product really too good to be true? They might be ash free, and available in a huge range of easily marketable flavors, including coffee, candyfloss and cherry, but are they really a better alternative to smoking?

So, does vaping live up to the hype? If you were tasked with producing an effective and positive brand campaign for e-cigarettes, could you do it? Read on to find out some key factors to take into consideration when branding a product that has a mixed market reception.

The Consumer is King

As every marketer knows, the consumer is king. So make sure that your key product messages will tap into your buyer’s psyche. Consider why they are buying the product. Do they want to give up smoking and consider e-cigarettes as an interim measure? Are they looking for a product that can be smoked indoors without producing ash or odour? Consider the positive selling points as part of your e cig advertising.  Does your brand offer a wider range of flavors? Is the packaging smaller and more attractive? What does your product deliver where cigarettes fail? Simplicity is key when considering your consumer.

Shy Away from Over-the-top Claims

Consider current media pick-up and interest into e-cigarettes. Vaping still remains up there as a health and lifestyle habit that is very much in the public eye. Avoid drawing unnecessary negative attention to your brand. Avoid orchestrating over the top health claims or benefits if you cannot back these up with concise, expert data. Make sure that your brand is in the public eye for all the right reasons.

Deliver an All-round Campaign

Just as with any successful marketing campaign, consider the key areas in which you can target your consumer. Be strategic: posters and print advertising could work in restaurant and bar toilets for example, when that craving for a cigarette kicks in. Don’t forget when and how digital can work for you too. Are you looking to use Instagram to create a vaping community? Perhaps Twitter will work for your brand to share key messages or even your latest flavor creations. Look to see what your competitors are doing and do it better! Share and celebrate your brand. It’s up to you to shout about why your consumers should be vaping, and if they are already, then they should have purchased your product.