Surprising Careers That Pay Well Both Financially And In Satisfaction

Many of us strive to be happy within our careers. After all, we spend a huge chunk of our lives in the workplace. It has even been noted that you can often spend more time with your work colleagues than your own family. So we can possibly all agree that your chosen career path is an important decision that you have to make. However, many of us can avoid thinking about the decision of a career and before long end up in a job that you dislike, or feeling like you are not passionate about the work you do.


The truth is, no matter what stage of life you are at, you can always do something about your choice of employment. People have been known to retrain at any age, and start again with a different career path. But, often the biggest stumbling block people is knowing exactly what change they want to make. I thought I would share with you some of the surprising careers that not only pay financially, but can also pay immensely in job satisfaction. Sometimes that can be the biggest reward possible.



Working in a medical profession


Working in medicine or in a medical profession may seem like a lot of work and study, but actually there are some jobs that you can do that require less time in the books and more time helping people. Working in a medical profession could be extremely rewarding. For example, becoming a radiologist where you screen people with MRI and X-Rays can determine if someone is struggling with a disease like cancer. Furthermore, you could be saving someone’s life in the process by finding this information out soon enough for treatment. The average income of a radiologist is not to be dismissed either, enabling someone to have both a rewarding and financially acceptable profession. Other job opportunities include nursing, or working in the hospital in other important roles like administration or ward management.


Another medical profession that is extremely rewarding is midwifery. Enabling you to support someone through pregnancy and then delivering a baby safely can be one of the most special things to be part of. Again, midwifery requires study, but the opportunity at the end more than outshines the time spent getting the relevant qualifications and knowledge.



Working in the care sector


You could consider working in the care sector, the options are endless for this sort of work. Firstly, you might want to consider the type of care role you would be best suited for. This sort of job is more commonly associated with elderly care. Where you can help someone in their home, or even within a care facility. From doing general chores like shopping and running errands to actually taking care of them. Enabling them to wash and get in and out of bed successfully. While this is the most well-known option, other things to consider would be working with children. There are care homes specific to the youth as well as working with departments like finding foster carers and new adoptive parents.


There is much to consider in this sort of role, and there is less study involved but still some necessary knowledge needed to ensure you can give the right level of care and advice. However, it can be extremely rewarding to know that you have had a helping hand in giving a child the best start in life, or indeed helping someone right till the very end to remain independent.



Working with people to better their lives


Finally, many of the satisfaction we feel in our day to day lives is down to helping other people out. So this is where you could consider making a job out of it in other aspects. For example, working in the fitness and health sector could help you to make other people’s dreams become a reality. You could be helping people to lose weight, or overcome an injury they have had. Or maybe just to better improve their well-being by increasing their fitness or energy levels. Other options around this sort of subject would be to work in the nutrition or diet industry, helping people to become more knowledgeable about the food they eat. Or even on a psychology aspect where you become a councillor or help people overcome anxiety, stress and depression to feel better about themselves once more.


Helping people in any way can really give us the job satisfaction that we crave daily, but we can also ensure that our own lives are not disrupted by having the financial backing to match.