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Maintaining Good Health Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

Health is so important, but achieving or maintaining good health doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t need to mean expensive gym memberships or five mile runs every day. It doesn’t have to be glugging wheatgrass juice each morning or planning each meal down to the last calorie. There’s plenty you can do to stay healthy and live well which involve hardly any effort at all. Here are a few things to try for better health.

Filter Your Water

We’re all told to drink more water: it hydrates us, helps to flush toxins from the body, improves brain function and a million other incredible things. But did you know the h20 we glug from the kitchen tap can contain all kinds of not-so-nice extras? Parasites, viruses, bacteria, metal and plastic are just a few things that could be lurking in your innocent looking glass of water. Luckily there’s an easy fix; you could have a filtration system installed in your kitchen sink or just use a filter jug. Life isn’t perfect, and we’re all going to breathe pollution and ingest things that aren’t so great for us at times without realizing, but this helps to ensure you keep that to a minimum. Pouring some water into a filter jug and popping it in the fridge takes a matter of seconds. Then you always have cold water that contains up to 99% less of the nasty stuff!


Buy Organic

Another way you can stop harmful chemicals entering your body is to buy organic produce. These aren’t sprayed with the damaging pesticides and herbicides that other fruits and vegetables are treated with. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, autism and fertility problems amongst others so for the sake of a few extra cents it’s so worth it. In the case of milk and other dairy products, the cows won’t have been treated with hormones which again have been linked to harmful health issues. You can buy organic in just about everything these days, it’s such an easy swap to make, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re really doing something to help your health.

Visit Your GP

If you’re experiencing symptoms that worry you, no matter how minor they seem then have them checked out by a doctor. Whether it’s a mole, digestive issues persisting a few more days with no obvious cause, pain in the body or any kind of lump or bump. A ten-minute checkup can give you peace of mind if you’re worried, and if it is something to be concerned about catching it early is always best. Different genders and ages will be at a higher risk of certain diseases, therefore going to any screenings you’re invited to is highly recommended. It’s a quick check that will just make sure everything is as it should be, and allows any changes to be picked up early in the most treatable stages. Unfortunately, things do go wrong sometimes with our health, but thanks to excellent modern medicine they can often be sorted, and we can go on to live long and happy lives.


Take Supplements

Ideally we would all get the vitamins we needed from our food, but unfortunately life isn’t that simple. Whether you have dietary requirements that mean you’re low in certain things, or you just have a few days here and there where your diet isn’t the best. As we age, our bodies can even stop absorbing certain nutrients as well as it once did, increasing the chances of becoming deficient. Taking a supplement can be an insurance policy to make sure your body has everything it needs. It could be a simple vitamin tablet, or something targeted towards your age or preventing certain health conditions. For example, since brittle bones are an issue for older people, they could take a calcium supplement like AlgaeCal. If joints are becoming an issue, a daily dose of cod liver oil might help.

Up Your Activity Levels

Many of us work sedentary jobs: sitting at a desk, behind a till or in a car where we’re not really moving much at all. As well as this putting people at risk of obesity due to not enough calories being burned off during the day, but it can also have a number of other adverse health effects too. Exercise will strengthen muscles and bones, boost immunity, is good for your heart, lungs, brain and just about every other part of you. Working full time, running a home, caring for children or relatives and trying to maintain a social life is all a fine balance. It’s no wonder, so many of us claim we don’t have time to exercise. But finding a way to fit this in is so important, so get creative. Why not go to the gym or an exercise class with a friend instead of going for a catch up over drinks? Could you walk to and from work? On the weekends, think of family friendly activities that will get you all moving. This way it won’t feel so much like exercise.