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The Emergency Call List You Need To Compile

When you go through an urgent situation with your home, the last thing that you want is to be scrambling around wondering what to do. If you find yourself needing to bring in the help of experts, then time ticks by so quickly.

You might think that, in such a circumstance, you will have your phone to hand. From there, you could surely Google for all of the numbers that you might need? Except… what if part of the urgent situation is that you have lost your phone? Or lost power and can’t charge it to do all the research and make all the calls you need to?

Sometimes, the old ways of dealing with things are just what’s needed for a workable backup. It doesn’t have to be your primary source for assistance, but it does help to know where your nearest payphone is. And when you get there, you’re going to want a list of numbers written there on paper – remember paper? – so you can get hold of the help you need.

So, what numbers should go on your emergency rolodex (so to speak)?

1. Emergency Contact Details

Top of the list needs to be all members of family and your friends that you might need to contact for assistance. Write down as many numbers as you can – not just their mobile phone, but their work and landline numbers. If you’re trying to get hold of someone in a hurry, then it helps to have access to as much information as you possibly can.

2. Electricity and Gas Operator Details

It makes sense to record the general customer service number, but there is usually a separate number for faults and emergencies (such as Make sure you write down all of them, saving yourself some time in future by designating which is which.

3. Childminder Details (if applicable)

If you have kids and a problem occurs, then you may need to get them out of the house as quickly as possible. This might be covered by friends or family, but even so get the number for your usual childminder written down too. It also doesn’t hurt to have an agency number for a support service too, just in case anyone you contact is not available.

4. Repair Services

Repairs come in all shapes and sizes depending on what the urgent situation is.

Think about who you would contact if you have a broken window. Who is going to board it up? Who’s going to replace it? You definitely need those details.

What if your washing machine or dishwasher breaks down? In a busy home, that kind of problem is definitely classified as urgent! So scrawl down the details for and a few others that might be able to come to your aid.

Finally, don’t forget your internet and phone service details. These are particularly vulnerable in the aftermath of a storm. Make sure you have them to hand, so you can get back on the grid as quickly as possible.

5. Health

You’re going to need to note down a variety of numbers here.

Top of the list should be literal emergency numbers, such as the local ER department at your hospital. Then your local doctor number, including the out-of-hours number for the less convenient problems.

Next up, your insurance details. Write down the policy number, the general customer services number and then the direct line for claims. If you need to use your insurance, then you’re not going to want any delays.

Finally, don’t forget about the health of the four-legged members of your household! Make sure you have a copy of your vets’ phone number. Bear in mind that they might have a different clinic or numbers for out-of-hours cases, so ensure you have both if that’s the situation for your local clinic. If your pets are insured, then it makes sense to get the same insurance details written down for them as you did for the human family members.

Your final step should be to type your list out – or scan it in if you’re so inclined – and email it to yourself. That way, you have a copy you can access anywhere provided you have internet service. For everything else, you have them on paper.

When you have compiled all of these numbers together, then you can hopefully set them aside and never need. It’s definitely preferable that it be a waste of time to compile the numbers, rather than needing them and going without. So give over a little bit of time to something you will hopefully never need – but will provide plenty of reassurance just in case.