Nail It: Keeping Your Nails Healthy

The state of our nails not only reflect how well-groomed we are as a person but more importantly, how healthy we are overall. That’s why we should all be giving more care and attention to our nails. Luckily, it’s actually a pretty easy feat to achieve.

If you want to nail it by keeping your nails in good condition, here’s what you need to do:

Keep them Clean and Dry

It’s obvious, but nails that are kept clean and dry are obviously going to be healthier because they are less likely to be a breeding ground for bacteria. So wash your hands regularly (including under your nails) and dry thoroughly every time )germs love water) for nails that are in perfect health.

A Straight Sharp Cut

When you’re cutting your nails, you should always ensure that the implements you’re using, whether scissors or clippers, are very sharp and you should always cut straight across the nail (especially toenails) to avoid ingrown nails. Once you’ve cut them to the desired length, it’s okay to round them off a but because this will increase strength and style.

Stay in Shape

It’s also important to keep your nails in good shape, without any snags that could weaken them or cause them to be caught in clothing, by regularly filing them with an emery board.

Don’t Bite Them

It’s obvious, but biting nails not only causes them to look bad, but it weakened them and introduces bacteria from your mouth into them. If you’re a biter, covering your nails in bitter liquid can help you to stop, or even better, buy some Gelish-Australia nail polish, give yourself an amazing mani-pedi and you won’t want to mess it up. Therefore, it will stop you from biting. Biting really is one of the worst things you can do to your nails.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

If you don’t eat a healthy balanced diet that is rich in protein and calcium, then your nails are likely too weak, and they may well be discoloured and misshapen too. If you want to give your nails a little extra help, then adding a biotin supplement to your diet will do wonders because that stuff really does help to build strong, healthy nails.

Remember Nails are Not a Tool

If you regularly use your nails to open cans or peel off stickers, stop. It can and often will break your nails and weaken them more than is strictly necessary and there are other tools, like the Can Opener Ring Pull, and methods for getting the job done. Your nails are not tools!

Soak Them

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from toenails that are really thick and difficult to manage, try soaking them in a bowl of water with a few pinches of added salt. After around 15 minutes, they will be much softer and therefore easier to trim and make look pretty.

Visit a Dermatologist

If you’re unlucky enough to get an ingrown toenail. Although you may be able to get it out on your own, it is probably not a good idea to do so because you could introduce an infection into the area making the problem worse. Instead, see a dermatologist who will be able to deal with the issue professionally.

Here’s to stronger, healthier, more beautiful nails!