Grab Your Future By The Horns

If you’re sitting there wondering what your future holds, wondering why your present is so boring, and wonder what you can do to make things different, then it is time to grab your future by the horns and take it in a new direction. We’re talking about your career here, your career is your whole future as unfortunate as that sounds. It’s very rare that you’re going to be able to escape the grasp of working life until you come to retirement age. Your only options are to win the lottery and live the life of luxury, or actually find something that interests you, and something you might actually want to do for life if you’re going to be happy. Nearly all of us dread going into work, nearly all of us spend the afternoon nearly asleep at the desk, and nearly all of us are wasting our lives. So, here’s a few ways in which you can change the path you’re on to one that is so much better, and ultimately change your future.

Where Do You See Yourself?

This is an important question that you need to be asking yourself, but not one that people seem to ask themselves. Instead money rules the roost, but it does in all aspects of our lives. We search for a job that is going to give us the most money, or at least the potential to earn the most money, rather than thinking of what we’d actually like to do in life. If you’re going to grab your future by the horns, you need to reconsider you take on work. Make it about the fun, make it about something you enjoy, and go in hunt of the money afterwards. There are so many different careers out there that would be suited to your likes and needs, all you need to do is think about what you actually like. If you know you’re a fitness bunny, then going down the route of doing something like personal training might be the way for you to go. If you know you love the lure of the office life, then find a role that you actually like the sound of, usually one that gives you more responsibilities within the workplace. People are often so unhappy in their roles because they’re given so few responsibilities. We’re sure you can all agree that doing the same two things day in day out can become a bit monotonous after a while, more roles should help to keep things broad and interesting for you.

Do You Need Education?

Sometimes all you need is a little boost in your education to get you where you want to be in life. There are so many directed learning courses, as well as home learning courses that you can take to give you the qualifications that you need. For example, if something like leadership or management sounds like what you’d like to do, there’s plenty available for that. The Future Institute of Australia leadership courses will propel you above others going for the job in a heartbeat. We understand that trying to manage something like this around your current job can be hard, but just a few weeks or months of effort and juggling things around could give you that dream job. There’s a lot of reasons why people would want to go into leadership or management, the main being the money. Now, we know we said that money shouldn’t be everything when it comes to your future, but it does play a big part in your job satisfaction levels. Plus, the management life is something that a lot of people crave. To be able to manage people rather than having someone manage you gives you so much more freedom and control. But to be a good manager you have to remember that you once where were the people you might be managing were, and you know how bad an overbearing and horrible manager can make a job. Don’t let the power go to your head, enjoy the role rather than the control.

Can You Progress In Your Own Job?

All of the things we have currently listed are big moves for a lot of people, and big change is something that scares a lot of people. So it might be worth considering whether a full on move is what the future holds for you. If you know you’re comfortable in your own job and you enjoy the place of work, then it could just be the money and lack of responsibility that’s getting you down. No doubt your line of work will have progression, and progression means more responsibilities and money. You’ll already know the people within the company, so as long as you’re competent and know what you’re doing, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be trying to get a better job within the same department. As long as you show you’re hard working, committed, and a good employee to their company, they should be more than happy to give you a new role. You could even branch out and move to another department to make things more interesting. You will most likely still have to apply for the job and go through the interview stage so the company can prove they gave other contenders a fair shot at the role, but you will most likely be the one that receives the offer at the end of it all if you prove yourself during the interview stage.

Secure Your Retirement

This is one thing people always forget about when they’re thinking of their future, purely because retirement just seems so far away for the majority of us. If you’re going to move and go on a new adventure, make sure the company you’re moving to has an attractive retirement package. You need to know you’re going to be secure with money when you finally leave the working environment. A lot of it will be down to you and how much money you actually save however.