On Average, How Much Medical Marijuana Is Being Produced Yearly By Americans?

In the United States, it’s thought that marijuana legalization in many states has produced nearly $28 billion in tax revenue for 2016. Last year was a promising year for the marijuana industry, which saw many states legalize medical and recreational cannabis use. Just about halfway through 2016, marijuana tax collection in Washington and Colorado had already exceeded early estimates. Therefore, more Americans than expected are turning to marijuana, or cannabinoid products such as CBD or the premium THC products on offer at places like Area 52, for various reasons and medical conditions. In fact, Green Health Docs affirms that medical cannabis can be used as an effective alternative to traditional medications as a way to combat the nation’s opioid epidemic. We’ve definitely seen an increase in people searching for “weed delivery near me,” and we love the fact that more individuals throughout the United States can legally get the weed they want and need.

Colorado May Be Our Biggest U.S. Producer

In Colorado alone, the cannabis industry brought in more than $270 million in the first quarter of 2016. Tax Foundation recently analyzed the nationwide legalization of marijuana and found that it could generate upwards of $28 billion in taxes, for local, state, and federal governments. This breakdown is likely to include $1.5 billion from payroll and income taxes, $5.5 billion from business taxes, and $7 billion from federal tax revenue.

In addition, ancillary businesses such as fertilizer, lights, and growing supplies along with headshop items such as beaker bongs and vape pens are bringing in billions more.

Oregon and Washington Help Lead Our Country’s Production

Colorado has been a top producer in the cannabis industry for many years, but recently Oregon and Washington have been adding to production and revenue numbers. Other states are likely to follow suit, including Alaska and the District of Columbia. Bloomberg says that Washington is expected to bring in $154.6 million in tax revenue alone in the upcoming year, and $1 billion after 4 years. Oregon has seen positive effects since legalizing marijuana, including a market worth of roughly $300 million.

Weed Delivery near Me: We Can’t Forget California

Green Door West is a cannabis delivery company operating in California, and we’re helping to increase our state’s production numbers, which in the first quarter of 2016 were responsible for $1.5 million. We offer cannabis delivery in Westwood, and throughout the Los Angeles area, to help patients get the marijuana they need and to promote continued growth in the cannabis industry in America. Search for “weed delivery near me” and you will find that Green Door West is a top supplier of medical cannabis in America.