Prevention Better Than Cure

The subject of mental health makes many people uncomfortable. It’s not something any of us like to think could happen to us or anyone around us. But, the chances are that you, or someone you know, will suffer from mental health issues at some point. In a lot of ways, you could argue that our silence on the subject is part of the problem. Think about it; we take steps to care for our bodies before they become ill. But, we ignore our minds until there’s already a problem. Talking more about the issue, and taking measures to look after your mental health, could save you suffering. Here are some ideas worth considering.



Let’s start with the most important point on this list; counselling. This is one of the main things we should all be doing. Yet, 99.9% don’t consider this an option until they’re already in trouble. Rather than being a cure, counselling could work as a preventative measure. While many don’t realize it, everyone could benefit from counselling in some form. We are a complex species, and we often struggle to understand ourselves. Counselling can help you work through those gray areas and get more in touch with yourself. This, in turn, will contribute to keeping mental issues at bay. Talking to someone in this way will also ensure you work through deep-seated problem. While it’s not always the case, mental illness often comes from unresolved issues in your past. So, go and resolve them! It can feel strange to talk about your inner workings at first, but you’ll get used to it. If you find a counsellor you trust, you could even develop a meaningful relationship.


It’s impossible to stay positive if you surround yourself with negative influences. Being around someone who doesn’t support you, or puts you down, can have more of impact on mental health than you could imagine. Some people will even feed on existing insecurities. If you sense anyone doing this, remove them from your life. This can often be easier said than done. Sometimes, a family member will be the problem, and that’s hardest of all. But, you owe it to yourself to be surrounded with people who boost your confidence. A strong friendship group and supportive partner can see you through most problems!


It’s also important to keep on top of how you feel. Your counselling will go some way towards this, but you also need to check in with yourself. If you start feeling overworked, or anxious, take steps to solve the issue. These are natural occurrences for us all. They only become a problem when we fail to listen to what they’re telling us. If you’re feeling overworked, take a break. Read a book. Watch a film. Take time to recharge. If you’re feeling anxious, work out why. The chances are, there’s something that’s making you uncomfortable. Address the issue to reduce the symptom!