How to Update Your Bathroom

A bathroom is meant to be a haven. It’s somewhere you should be able to go to relax and wash off the stress of the day. It’s an essential for all families, so it needs to be practical as well as tranquil. Everyone has different ideas of what tranquillity means and it may change over time. That means your bathroom should change with it. So, how can you update your bathroom when you want to create a little slice of heaven?


Freestanding Bath Tub

A nice soak in a hot bath can dull the worst of troubles. Throw in some candles and bubbles and you have yourself an hour of perfection. A freestanding bath doesn’t just look more relaxing, it’s more comfortable to use too. If you have room for a freestanding bath and separate shower, you can have the best of both worlds. To modernise this idea, why not paint the underside of the bath in your chosen colour? Go for colours that soothe you.



Tiles are perfect for bathrooms. No damage is caused when they get wet, unlike paint and carpet. They’re also very easy to clean, so cleaning won’t be as much of a hassle. Block colour tiles look clean, crisp and classy but adding a few different coloured tiles to the wall will give your bathroom more character. It shouldn’t be something way off the spectrum, but you can pair beiges with browns and creams or go for different shades of blue with white.

Freshen Up

The whole point of a bathroom is to make you feel clean and fresh, and where is it we feel most refreshed? On a beach holiday! Why not bring some of those holiday elements into your bathroom? For example, a glass jar filled with sea side shells or a colourful shower curtain. Why not add a few small plants to the room while you’re at it? You may want to use artificial plants if your room tends to fill up with steam quickly.

Something New

You may feel like your bathroom needs a complete overhaul. You could use Unify Constructions and get yourself a whole new bathroom. There are times when bathrooms need to be changed for practicality reasons or just because it needs modernising. If you have the choice, why not consider installing a wet room? It’s practical, it’s modern and you’ll always feel relaxed while using it.

Remember Your Fabrics

Fabrics and patterns can bring life to any room, including your bathroom. You could make use of a fabric chair that ties in with the rest of your bathroom decoration. If not, it may be time to consider replacing your towels and rugs. Patterned towels will ensure your bathroom has more vibrancy and it’s a way of making sure you don’t have to add pattern to the walls. Instead of using the traditional bathroom mats, consider using an everyday rug in the centre of your bathroom. You’ll have a bigger variety to choose from when it comes to matching things up.