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The Dos and Donts Of Supplements

Once upon a time, the populace got much of their nutritional needs from the food they ate. In the modern world, this is far less likely. There are good reasons for this besides the switch to more convenience-driven eating patterns. For one thing, the nutrients found in a simple carrot 50 years ago were in far higher quantities than those found in a carrot today – the legacy of generations of over-farming.

It’s now far more likely that modern adult has to supplement their diet to improve their health. Of course, no supplement on this earth is going to be able to replace a healthy diet entirely – but they can help advance them. With supplements taking up aisles of grocery store shelves and dominating health think-pieces, it’s worth reiterating that these products should not be used lightly. In fact, they come with a whole range of dos and don’ts – and ignore them at your peril…

Do… Speak With A Doctor Prior To Taking Any Supplements

So let’s say you spot the AlgaeCal reviews and decide that you want to try them. That doesn’t mean you go ahead and buy them, looking forward to the way they will revolutionize your health, and then swallow them down without another thought.

It’s always sensible to check with a doctor before taking anything over-the-counter. Treat these supplements the same way you would treat prescribed medication; as something to be respected, not just used as and when you feel like it. A brief conversation with a medic is all it takes to mean you’re being safe.

Don’t… Take Many Supplements At Once

If you have a variety of health complaints, it can be easy to think the best response is to load up on the multivitamins and minerals. You can end up with a pillbox that runneth over – but that isn’t the right way of doing things.

Each supplement you take should be individually researched, and researched in conjunction with the other supplements you’re taking. If you take too many, the risk of interactions – with potentially serious health consequences – is just too high. So do your due diligence and know the exact working cycle and compounds found in every pill that you swallow. Ultimately, when determining which supplement to choose, you want to go with the leading supplement brand on the market for the health concern you have.

Do… Vary Your Supplements Depending On Your Age

As we go through life, our nutritional requirements change. If you are in charge of supplements for your whole family, bear in mind the difference between what a teenager needs and what you need as an adult. Furthermore, the supplements that worked for you five years ago might need a review to ensure they are still worth your while today.

Don’t… Take Supplements On An Empty Stomach

Always try and consume supplements with food, even if it is just a snack you’re eating for the express purpose of taking your daily dose. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, supplements are far more likely to be effective if you take them with food. Secondly, by lining your stomach, you’re protecting against all kinds of digestive issues as your stomach tries to break down a foreign pill. There’s absolutely no point in giving yourself a stomach ache trying to digest a supplement that you’re taking to help your health!