How To Protect Your Eyes While Binge-Watching Netflix?


The OTT platforms are now ruling the entertainment world. Whether it is the latest movies or television series, people are more into OTT platforms and other things.

When we are talking about OTT platforms, we can not forget the name Netflix. It is one of the most popular OTT platforms that youngsters are all into.

However, Netflix comes with a paid subscription, so if you are looking to get all those movies and series without spending a single penny, visit the pirate bay.

When we are talking about Netflix, we have to focus on binge-watching. We can not digest suspense. That is why we can not leave a series halfway and end up binge-watching it.

The Effect Of Binge Watching On Your Eyes

Binge Watching might give you mental peace and help you come to a conclusion with the series you are watching. But it leaves several harmful effects on your eyes.

The constant staring at the screen, along with the light emitting from the same screen, are the two main problems of binge-watching. Both of them affect your eyes, but they have their own sets of harmful effects.

One can develop a particular form of condition from the constant staring at the screen, which is known as computer vision syndrome. Most office workers, and professionals, whose jobs make them look at the screen for a longer time, usually suffer from this condition.

Here are some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

  • Headache.
  • Double or blurred vision.
  • Dry, itchy eyes.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Sore shoulders and neck. 

Thai computer vision syndrome is not that severe and permanent. Still, it can become worse if the main cause is not removed at the proper time.

Protect Your Eyes While Binge-Watching Netflix

Here are some tips and tricks you should use for taking care of or protecting your eyes while binge-watching Netflix.

Use Solutions For Dry Eyes

After binge-watching, everyone does not get dry eyes. In case you have these issues, it is best to keep your favorite eyes always with you. Ask your oculist to prescribe one for you. But that does not mean you will continue to binge-watching as much as you want.

Use Solution For Watery, Itchy Eyes

Just the way some people get dry eyes, there are also some who get watery and itchy eyes due to the constant staring at the screen. Here you need a cold compress. Take some ice cubes in a cloth and apply them over and near your eyes. You also can consider wearing gel-based cool eyes masks for relaxing a little bit.

Use Blue Light Glasses

You might have heard of reading glasses, right?

Have you heard of television glasses or blue light glasses?

Your eyes might be functioning absolutely okay, that is why your doctor still has not suggested you eat any type of glasses to correct your vision. Blue light glasses are designed only for protecting your eyes from the harmful radiation from the television, computer, and mobile screen.

Take A Break

We totally get that thing. Taking a short break will not kill you with suspense. So, while binge-watching, in the missile of the series, take a bath, eat and drink, and take shooter breaks. It will give your eyes some time to recover from the strain you are putting them into.

Try To Keep The Lights On

The environment and surrounding light also matter a lot in constant screen time. We know to get that theatre-like feeling, you might turn off all your light and watch the movies and series in a dark room. Here, we will suggest you go with some little warm, soothing light, which will not strain your eyes that much.

Maintain A Safe Distance From The Screen

Last but not least, the distance.

You should maintain a minimum distance from the screen while watching. If you are keeping an eye on a 15 inches screen, the distance between your eyes and the screen should be a minimum of 15*5 inches = 75 inches.

Enjoy Binge-Watching

We are not asking you to stop binge-watching, you can watch Netflix as much as you want, but it is also important to take care of your love eyes. Eyes are the most precious gift humans have got, so take proper care of them.