The health concerns to watch out for when looking after children

Children are a source of happiness to their parents. However, the joys of parenthood are often accompanied by a host of worries. Most parents readily admit that concerns about their children’s health takes up a lot of their time.

As a parent or caregiver, it is your responsibility to keep a close eye on your children in order to detect any health problems that arise. The following are some of the common health concerns to watch out for:



Allergies to certain foods, pollen or pet dander are quite common in children. Your child can have an adverse reaction to everyday foods such as eggs, nuts or peanuts, milk, wheat or seafood (mostly shrimp). Symptoms of an allergy range from mild skin irritation, red itchy eyes and a runny nose to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Treatment for allergies varies from avoiding the offending food to taking medication such as epinephrine injections.


This is a condition where your child’s air passages swell, become narrow and cause breathing difficulties. An asthma flare up or attack can lead to wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest. To alleviate these symptoms and ease breathing, your child might need to use an inhaler or nebulizer to take steroids or anti-inflammation medication. It is also advisable to avoid dust, pollen or other substances that might trigger an attack.


This disease affects how the body uses glucose. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 occurs when the body fails to make any insulin at all while in Type 2 diabetes, the insulin produced does not have the intended effect in the body. Diabetes might be hereditary or might occur because of poor eating habits. Both types can be managed using a combination of medication and proper diet.


Poor nutrition

Your child needs to eat a balanced diet rich in all nutrients required for body growth and function. Overindulging in high-cholesterol foods, coupled with a lack of exercise often leads to obesity that has a negative impact on your child’s health. The reverse is also true. Undernourishment can lead to stunted growth and body development, leaving your child with a weak immune system susceptible to various diseases. To prevent this, ensure your child eats a variety of foods to get all the nutrients they need.

Often, your first response when confronted with your child’s health issue is to get medication. However, other alternative options are available. One option worth examining is chiropractic therapy. Chiropractic therapy has been shown to be a safe and holistic treatment that focuses on bringing your child’s body back to its naturally healthy state. It can potentially strengthen your child’s immunity, alleviate digestive issues, and improve their ability to concentrate as well as help with asthma, allergies and spinal posture. If interested, you can check out services offered by Healthquest Chiropractic for kids who suffer from acute and chronic childhood diseases.

When it comes to your child, nothing is as important as his or her health. Always seek professional help when a health issue arises. Remember prevention is better than cure. Therefore, encouraging good habits, such as eating healthily and taking regular exercise from a young age, will ensure they grow well and thrive.