Five Examples of How Smartphones Have Changed Businesses

Since the introduction of smartphones, the world has changed a lot and none more so than the business world. They have developed in the technology that they offer with even the most basic smartphones boasting cameras and internet access but how has this affected the way we do business? Being mobile has enhanced employee productivity, and everyone from customers and investors through to staff and business partners have benefitted from the use of modern communication tools to improve their interaction with one another.

Let’s check out the top five ways in which businesses have used smartphones to their advantage so that you can do the same.


Uber Taxis

Uber taxis have revolutionised the way we travel in big cities, with some hailing the introduction of the Uber app as marking the end for the iconic London black cabs. It works on an app and members can use their smartphone to put in a request for a taxi journey that is then forwarded to Uber drivers. This online service is now available in more than 300 cities around the world and due to its success, other companies has imitated the business model, which has led to a new trend known as “Uberification”.

Online Dating Apps

Finding a date through a dating company like Tinder has never been easier but without a smartphone, you can’t be part of this popular online dating world. These apps give you instant access to other likeminded people and with the ability to instantly connect with others those looking for love can find it within the hour. Grindr, OK Cupid, Happn and Plenty of Fish are other great examples of popular smartphone apps for anyone looking for love or a casual fling and there is even an app solely for bearded men and the women who love them called Bristlr – Forget “love me, love my dog” clearly in 2016 I’s all about “love me, love my facial fuzz”.


Online Gambling

The gambling industry has always been big business but smartphones now allow us to gamble whenever it suits. From on the train on the previously boring commute to work through to when in bed as we hit the hay at night, online gaming is a billion pound industry and the smartphone is an integral part of it. There are many reasons why playing in an online casino is appealing and its accessibility is a major draw. Suddenly people who live in a village have access to a casino and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the energy to glam up and gamble, as a smartphone allows you to play whenever you want from wherever you are.

eBay & Amazon

While eBay and Amazon can be accessed without a smartphone, millions of people will use their phone to enjoy a spot of shopping when they might otherwise not have access to a computer. Smartphones are now the most popular way to access the internet and all major shopping websites have an accompanying app nowadays. The ability to shop while on the go had ensured sites such as eBay and Amazon have increased their global reach, and without a doubt, their revenue.

Social Networking Sites

We all know we can’t go 24 hours without posting what we had for breakfast on Instagram or checking out what our best friends – and inevitably our worst enemies – are up to on Facebook. Being able to access social media websites on a smartphone is a normal part of modern day life and it allows us to stay in touch, whether we are on a sun-drenched beach in the Caribbean or stuck at our desk at work.

The ability to be mobile is essential nowadays and with so many businesses embracing the concept, you can do anything from find love to go shopping from your smartphone. Business owners need to keep up with the competition and in order to stay relevant, it is vital to have an app that is mobile-friendly in order to enjoy success in 2016 – whatever industry you specialise in.