The Triumph Of Tai Chi: What It Is And Why You Should Start It Today

As there has been a rise in the evolution of the health-conscious culture; it is no surprise that tai chi has made its way into the top trending topics of 2018. For more health articles and the latest trends, check out reliable and research-backed sites like Authority Health.

Tai chi is an ancient and popular practice that has only recently gained traction in the mainstream media for its vast range of health benefits. Originating in China, tai chi is known to be one of the most effective mind and body exercises that is enjoyed by people of all ages. An exciting aspect of practicing Tai Chi is that you can always choose a playlist to create the most harmonious yet balanced ambiance with Tai Chi music. Thus you can get utterly involved while practicing it. The following information is a brief look into the realm of tai chi and how practicing it can leave you feeling triumphant along life’s journey.

What Is Tai Chi?

Created by Zhang San Feng, a Taoist monk, tai chi is a form of slow-moving exercise that was said to date back as far as 1500 years and is still practiced by millions of people today. Originally inspired as an ancient Chinese fighting art for self-defense, tai chi is practiced using specific breathing and energy methods (known as Qigong) and revolves around the notion of harmonizing two opposing forces to create a whole. Left and right, yin and yang, mind and body, outer self and inner self.

There are various forms of tai chi, however, they all involve the following essential principles:

  • Integrating the mind with the body in a meditative way.
  • Controlling breathing and movement.
  • Generating mindfulness and internal energy.

By applying these principles, tai chi allows people to cultivate and strengthen the body’s Qi.

A Little More On “Qi”

Otherwise known as life spirit, prana, ki, shakti, ka, pneuma, ashe, Holy Spirit, and even inspiration; Qi is the life energy that flows within each living thing. If you had to consider each molecule that makes up reality, Qi is another name for the “stuff” holding existence together.

If that’s a little too trippy for you, consider a time when you picked up on someone giving off a ‘bad vibe’ or when a room had a great atmosphere. Those instances, to some extent, is acknowledging the Qi present.

By consistently practicing tai chi; you will be able to feel your Qi by harmonizing your inner and outer self. Once you feel your Qi, you can use it to generate more Qi and build up the body’s life energy, reaping the many physical rewards.

The Bounty Of Benefits

This meditative practice offers a variety of health benefits, which:

  • Improves strength, fitness, and endurance.
  • Supports physical functioning and protects joints.
  • Increases flexibility, balance, and agility.
  • Balances mental state.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Enhances circulation, healthy organ function, and healing.
  • Relieves cases of asthma and the severity of fibromyalgia.
  • Reduces stress while promoting awareness and concentration.

Getting Started

While this art is known to have a great deal of skill and knowledge associated with its practice, tai chi can be easily learned. This non-competitive, gentle, and slow-paced exercise takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete. When taking part in a session, it is said to feel like the smooth and gentle flowing of water in a river.

Ideally, it should be done outside in a natural and peaceful environment in which you can breath fresh air and have no distractions. While there is no specific time in which to complete a session, aim for the early morning. It is suggested to wear loose and comfortable clothing with soft shoes or barefoot. If you are wanting to do tai chi during other times throughout the day, ensure you have not had a large meal just before as this will inhibit the flow of Qi throughout the body.

There are plenty of resources online to help you learn and practice tai chi; including websites, WikiHow descriptions, and YouTube videos.

Tai chi is a slow-paced meditative exercise that is focused on harmonizing the duality of reality, promoting peace of mind and vitality. It integrates aspects of Qigong and in turn, generates the mysterious and powerful life force energy. This opens the door to a bounty of health benefits that improve the mental, physical, and emotional self. With a variety of resources at your fingertips, why not experience these triumphant results for yourself and try tai chi today!