Designing the Casino

With the rapid technology advancements, like most industries in the world, the casino design business had the most impact. Once, there were dense drawings and plans with the pen and ink. Now, these drawings and plans had become large computer files, showing every detail and nuance of a design. Owners can see their complete project on the computer before the release of it and foundation. Technology has changed the way architects, designers and builders do their job.

Technology Is Impacting Every Part of Our Lives

A design standpoint in architecture is BIM. BIM is building information modelling which helps the process of delivering a document with the architectural plans by using Revit technology. In other words, architects design the building plans in Autodesk Revit, which is a computer program used by architects. Building information has charged the design and construction. However, it increases the time to turn design into construction, but meanwhile it decreased process of building, because of the fact that through designing process, many unforeseen problems have already been worked out before the construction phase begins. Creating 3D visualization models using SketchUp and incorporating 3D models with Autodesk Revit, help potential clients to visualize the design intent.

Here are some examples of how BIM changes everything:

  • Designing in 3D – you don’t need to rely on 2D plans. You can build a project before breaking ground.
  • 4D – the BIM models enable schedule and time.
  • 5D – quantities are taken from the BIM models, and cost factors are linked to a database to the BIM models.
  • Communicating the design – Video conferences and Smart Boards save time for a meeting and allows all the participants to see the 3D building.

Building information and 3D modelling is the standard practice in architectural design. During the initial phases, the exterior and interior design are fully modelled and rendered. This provided a photo realistic images of all major projects. Additionally, the model is then used in order to develop a video animation.

Technology today has placed demands even on the interior designer. In public places, the desire to create some animations is directive. Specifically, audio and visual entertainment. A video display is used to help in understanding a facility, provides promotional content and it can interact with the icon itself.

In casino design, the opportunity to provide the guest with multiple entertainment options has a great importance. For example, by playing some cards at a table game, the gambler might multitask by wishing to watch a sporting event. The availability of video display can provide a connection as well as an ambiance for other quests.

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of a casino. From sketch-rendering software to Revit documentation. Lightning products to finish materials, even smartphones. The continuous evolution of project management, web-based information and sharing capabilities had allowed owners and designers to manage projects with great efficiency. Technology increases the project capability, it promotes innovation and creativity. Planning in a collaborative atmosphere generates new ideas and improves the quality and the processes.

Designing an online casino website, requires the same collaboration between the client and designer.

The website requires a planning, the project owner shares his ideas to the web designer. Another priority is analysing the website requirements and list the priorities for the site visitors. It is also important for the website to work on mobile devices, since most of the visitors are using smartphones. In other words, the website needs to be responsive.

After the initial planning & research, the website needs a wireframe or a framework. Just like architects show their projects in 3D models, web designers show their project to the client in a form of wireframe, before creating the actual design.

The final stage of designing a website, in our case an online casino, the designer puts the planning and wireframe in a design tool program, like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe XD. Some changes may appear if the wireframe is not entirely appropriate. The process of designing a website is used on a grid system, Adobe XD has it’s own grid system, while Adobe Photoshop, you have to create an actual grid system. Most designers already have a grid system created, so the process of creating a website is short.  After the visual design is finished, the same designer or a front end developer gives life to the website by creating it in HTML and CSS. The CSSs describes how HTML elements will be displayed on the screen or other media. Cascade Style Sheets can save a lot of work, because it can show the layout of multiple web pages. The online casino websites, besides the regular layout, they also have a social platform and adds Java or flash casino games.

Designing a slot game requires more than the designer. It requires a team effort of the client, designer and programmer. The client comes with the idea or wishing for a game to be created, the designer makes all the sketches required for the game while the programmer gives life to the game. Luckily the algorithms and the mechanics of a slot game is general, you can choose to create a slot game with a simple 5×3 grid. The theme is usually the clients idea, for example the client wants a farm like themes, the designer creates the visual images of a slot with a farm theme, like animals, garden, vegetables, a menu, an interface options and so. The programmer takes all of these images and by coding, usually JavaScript or a Unity program, and brings the game to life.