Tips for Staying Fit When Travelling

Travelling, may it be for business or pleasure, heightens your want for hedonistic delights especially when it comes to food. It does not really matter where you go. You have that innate desire to taste food that is new to you. You tend to indulge yourself with food more than you normally do when you travel. Keeping yourself fit when you travel is a bit of a challenge but it can be done.

Make a fitness plan.

It does not really mean that you make an extensive training program. Keeping yourself fit when you’re travelling would be as simple as strolling at the park or at the beach. Make it a point that you get to walk at the end of the day, especially when you know that you have eaten quite a lot. You could also bring jumping ropes or resistance bands.

When you are out sightseeing, maybe you could opt for walking instead of taking a bus or any sort of transportation. Walking is not just about exercising. When you walk, you get to see things firsthand and experiences are more enjoyable as they are tangible.


You could also take the stairs instead of going on elevators. If your room is located a few floors above the ground floor, why not take the stairs? It could keep you fit and it could be fun, too. Working out at your hotel’s fitness center can be a chore when you travel. Challenge yourself to a few flights and keep the fun.

Pack your sneakers.

This is a must-have when you travel. If you plan to do a lot of walking, sneakers are the best footwear for you. This is pretty much common sense.

The kind of sneakers that you should bring depends on your activities. If you are a backpacker, choose the best walking shoes that fit you just right – the kind that do not give you blisters and those that keep your feet comfortable for a long period. But if you’re more of a stroller, packing your lightweight sneakers is just fine.

Hydrates, please

It is important that you drink lots of water when you travel. Your body is still adjusting to change of altitude or something and it is best if you keep your body healthy with fluids. Keeping yourself hydrated is even more important when you are staying at tropical countries.


Indulge yourself

Yes, you heard that right. Indulge yourself. You are out travelling and it is just right that you take pleasure in simple delights. Eating that street food, especially when you are craving for it, can satisfy you psychologically. Keeping yourself contented can lessen the craving and it may just be the key to keeping your retrained from overindulgence.

And because you give in to indulgence, reward yourself by taking care of yourself. Take a walk.