How to be Okay with being Single

If you’re around my age, chances are half your friends are in really, really serious relationships. Add in a few babies, weddings and the works and you start to wonder if your life is heading in a downward spiral. The truth is, everyone gets to this stage at a different time. It’s important to work to your own beat and there’s no point trying to keep up with everyone else. As someone who’s been single for a few years while I focus on myself, I’ve got a few tips and tricks for dealing with being single.


1) Relax

Good things come to those who wait… having a lot of time to be single allows you to really grow into yourself before you commit to someone else. It’s ok to occasionally get down about it, but there’s no point dwelling. There will be a time to be in a relationship, but for now focus on being single.

2) Be Super Social

One of the benefits of being single is that you tend to be more social; you’re looking to meet new people and that means you’ll make the extra effort to go out and do more. Meeting new people is a great way to distract yourself and who knows who you’ll meet along the way.

3) Get a New Hobby
Focusing on yourself is the best way not to get stressed about being single for “too long” – whatever that means. Getting a new hobby is a great way to distract yourself and you’ll also meet a bunch of new people. Whether it’s photography, painting, gym, dancing… whatever it’s a great way to surround yourself with a new crowd, learn a new school and who know what will come of it.

4) Hang out with Other Single People

It can get a bit awkward with you start being the 3rd, 5th, or 7th wheel in your social group. While that’s ok, after a while you’ll start to feel a bit left behind. Make an effort to get to know some single people who can understand you’re situation and will be more aligned with where you are in life.

5) This too, shall pass

Know this stage of your life is probably temporary so enjoy it while you can. Your next relationship might wind up being “the one” and so you might, in some ways, yearn for the single-life, at some stage. Therefore, make the most of being single, enjoy it’s peaks and pitfalls and then when you find someone who you are ready to date, you can look back knowing you’ve made the most of your time being single.

There’s nothing wrong with being single – it’s a wonderful opportunity to work on yourself, meet new people and try new things. Enjoy it while you can!