Top Natural Remedies to Pass a Drug Test in a Week

Consumption of light drugs is no longer linked only to students, nightclubs, and wild teenage parties. You would’ve been surprised to know how many grown up, mature people are prone to consuming these opiates. Perhaps your doctor or lawyer likes to have a couple of smokes from time to time, who knows? We can’t blame them; and they are just ordinary people who need something to relieve them from everyday stress, obligations, and problems.

When Can You Expect Drug Test

Those who are employed, or those who are looking for employment, could be in trouble if they enjoy drugs from time to time. Drug testing is not mandatory, but employers eagerly use this opportunity. By regularly testing their workers, but also potential candidates, all companies want to maintain continuity in business, but also to provide the best working conditions.

If some problems and risky situations happen within the organization, a drug test is one way to protect themselves and their interests. For decades, there were numerous debates about the good and bad sides of drug testing for employees, and here you can read why.

So, if you are working for some random company, your employer can or doesn’t have to ask for a drug test. Your right is to refuse it, but you are probably aware of the consequences it can bring you. It is not the end of the world, but there is enough reason for the employer to start to doubt in you.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, you can try to stop the opiate consumption or to cheat a drug test. Using natural remedies, you can quickly cleanse your body from the harmful substances in a short time (just in case you are not hardcore, long-term drug user).

Detoxication of your organism will depend on many factors. For cleaning your body fast and effective, you need to find out what kind of testing your company prefers, which samples are being given, but also whether there is a certain tolerance if the test is positive.


Use Natural Ingredients to Cleanse the Organism

Detox home-made drinks should eliminate most of the toxic substances from your body. No drug test can detect too much ginger or beetroot so you can take these potions until the day of the test. No matter what kind of opiates you used, now you want to remove the traces. If you have plenty of time until testing, you can try to pass a drug test with drugtestingreviews.com by following the advice found on their site.

But don’t lose hope if you don’t have much time. There are effective drinks for marijuana, amphetamine, and many other opiates found right in your fridge. Most of the drug tests check the presence of all of these substances, so you can use all of the below-mentioned remedies for achieving the best results.

Lemonade to the Rescue

There is no completely harmless drug, but marijuana definitely belongs to those “light” variants. But the “disadvantage” of this opiate is that it remains in the body for a long time, even after a single use. A substance known as THC is one of those you’ll be tested on since it’s known as psychoactive and can significantly affect employee’s work performance.

If your employer announces the test in the next week, except that you should immediately stop, you have to take a lot of fluids, which will dilute THC molecules and flush them out of the body. Water and lemon will become your “best friends” this week. The amount you need to bring per day is about half a liter of lukewarm lemonade (mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with the required amount of water). If you are not a fan of lemon, you can choose lime as well.

Coffee? Yes, Please!

Cleaning the body does not always have to be uncomfortable, considering some common foods we use on a daily basis can be of great help in passing a drug test. Coffee is a natural diuretic and an excellent way to remove THC, CBD, methamphetamines and other opiates from the body by eliminating the excess of water. It will flush the toxic molecules from your liver, bladder and intestine.

Increase coffee intake to 3 to 4 cups a day, and let it be “stronger” than usual. So, no filter coffee. In a period of one week, this can’t harm your health. After sipping this liquid pleasure, drink at least one liter of water, so that the body doesn’t dehydrate. Also, this speeds up the elimination of body fluids and harmful metabolites from the body. On the day of the test, better stay away from coffee.

Try Fasting

The fat deposits are one of the causes why you can’t eliminate toxic substances from the organism completely. That’s why it is necessary to activate the body to spend its resources on obtaining vital energy. The best way to do this is starving. It does not mean that you should collapse because of hunger, but to implement a strict one-week diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as foods with zero calories.

What kind of foods are these, and why they are beneficial for our health, find on this link: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/zero-calorie-foods#section1.

Besides the diet, fluid intake is required, and you can also take some supplements that will compensate for the lack of essential nutrients in those days. Because of this kind of food intake, your urine can be diluted; be sure to bring in a lot of vitamin B, which will preserve its natural pH value and bring it back a recognizable color.

When we say natural cleansing of the organism, we mostly mean detoxification with healthy, home-made drinks. Their goal is to flush the toxins from our body without disturbing its natural balance. No one can forbid you to consume detox drinks, and this can’t cause any doubt. But if consuming opiates brings the risk of losing a job or having law issues, you should consider getting off the drugs.