What Common Ingredients Are Found in E-Juice?

A common question that is often asked around the subject of e-cigs is: what is e-juice and how is it made? Many e-cig fanatics believe it’s just water vapor, whereas many others believe it’s made from car anti-freeze (which it definitely isn’t). However, e-juice that is used with e-cigs is quite simply made up of multiple common ingredients, some of which are outlined below.

Vegetable Glycerin

While all juice makers have their own “secret ingredients”, there are still four main ingredients that go into the majority of e-juices. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is one of the ways e-cig manufacturers produce a nice flow of vapor when consumers exhale. It’s a natural ingredient that is processed from most fats and is classed as a type of alcohol which is safe to inhale. In most e-juices available, VG makes up for almost 80% of the liquid because of its vapor effects. If you get a regular shipment of your favorite e-juices from Auster.com, you’ll find this ingredient is in most of the juices available – and so are the ingredients outlined below.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol (PG) is another ingredient that is used in many foods to keep the ingredients moist – and it’s used in e-juices to keep them as odorless as possible. Different manufacturers of e-juices use varying amounts of propylene glycol. Sometimes, they’ll use more PG than VG, and vice versa, depending on the taste and vapor they require. This is typically the ingredient that confuses some people who think e-juices are made from car anti-freeze. It’s simply because this is one of the main ingredients used in anti-freeze itself, as it’s less toxic than other ingredients.

Food Flavorings

The flavoring ingredients play an important role in e-juice because, without it, one e-juice is just going to taste/smell the same as the rest. This is primarily where the manufacturers make their money. Some manufacturers can produce better smelling e-juices whereas others have a niche and cater for a taste that’s different to the rest. Manufacturers of e-juice, understandably, don’t give out their recipe when it comes to making the most popular juices out there, but they’ll always provide some sort of idea on the label of what they contain. Food flavorings aren’t preferable to the real deal when it comes to food, but when manufacturers use it as an ingredient, it provides the great the taste.


A good e-cig isn’t going to do its job without nicotine. Of course, many don’t like nicotine in their e-juice, but most of the time it is present, even if it’s just 0.005%. Many consumers know how much nicotine intake they need, so they can inhale throughout the day.

The above ingredients are just some of the ingredients manufacturers take advantage of to create the huge variety of different smelling and tasting e-juices available on the market. Of course, many other ingredients come into play depending on their requirements, but the above ingredients are mostly found in all e-juices.