Why you Should Consider Getting a Hearing Test

If you’ve been noticing that your hearing is deteriorating, you may not be aware that hearing loss can cause you to miss out on more of what’s going on around you than you realise. If you can’t hear and respond to the many sounds around you, can’t understand conversations, or participate in social interactions and activities, you can become unmotivated and reclusive. For these reasons, it’s important to get a regular hearing test, so if you do have a problem, it can be handled.

One warning sign that you may need to pay attention to, is if you’re continually asking family and friends to repeat themselves. If it sounds like other people are always mumbling and conversations are continually muffled, this is a good sign that you may need to get your hearing tested.

If you notice that you struggle to hear in noisy places, where there are many different background noises, such as cars, in planes, in restaurants, or any time that many people are talking, this is another indication that your hearing may be deteriorating. It can be mentally damaging when you can’t participate in social gatherings or conversations, and there is now evidence of a strong correlation between under-addressed or unaddressed hearing loss and a decline in cognitive functions.

Another sign that you may need a hearing test is if you find yourself continually turning up the volume on the TV or radio. This is something that’s likely to annoy your friends and family, and if you find that they’re complaining about how loud it is, the problem is probably with you, and not the TV.

If you have ringing in your ears or tinnitus, especially once you’ve been exposed to loud noises, this is a warning sign that you’re losing your hearing. If you find that the ringing sound isn’t going away, you may want to get your hearing checked. A study of 500 seniors in Brazil found that close to 50% also experienced ringing in their ears, and with younger children and teens continually blasting their music, you may find that they also begin to complain about this ringing in their ears.

Another sign is much more subtle- when you find that you’re no longer hearing everyday sounds such as birds chirping, your alarm clock, sounds from your cellphone or kids laughing while playing on the street.

Many people who are suffering from hearing loss or damage may find it annoying to talk on the phone. Often they’ll have the volume turned up as high as it can possibly go, and still will have trouble hearing what other people are saying.

For many people, realising that their hearing is deteriorating can be depressing, isolating and embarrassing. But a hearing test is the first step towards a solution which can help you to hear your loved ones and the everyday sounds around you. For this reason, don’t hesitate, and be sure to get a hearing test as soon as you can.

After your hearing test and it happens that you may need a hearing aid, here are some tips for buying a hearing aid that will suit best for your needs.