Difference Between Tag Rugby and Touch Rugby

Rugby is one of the most aggressive sports that one can play. Unlike other games where direct contact is a foul when it comes rugby contact is the way to go. However, there are some who thought that this contact was a bit too much for them. As a result, they came up with different variations of the game such as touch and tag rugby.

What is Tag and Touch Rugby?

Tag and Touch rugby are non-contact versions of the game of rugby. Both these games are very similar, so much such that they are at times confused for each other. The difference, however, comes in the manner that the tackle is made. The two variations of rugby can be compared to the different bonuses that one gets when they bet at rsa bet. Though the differences are there, very few actually notice them. As all they want to do is claim their bonus and enjoy their games.

Touch Rugby Tackle

The tackle is touch rugby is made by tapping both sides of the opponent’s hips simultaneously while they are in possession of the ball. Though the aspect of tackling opponents is similar in touch rugby as well as rugby, the tackles are very different just like how you tackle Casino en ligne francais games.

Tag Rugby Tackle

In tag rugby, there are strips or tags that are attached to the player’s belts. These strips are on each side of the players’ hips. In order to make the tackle, an opponent needs to remove one these tags. Therefore, when one of the tags is removed, the tackle has been made.

Are the Games Worth The Play?

Though the versions of rugby are played around the world, many have been sceptical of them. This is because they believe the versions to be rip-offs of the amazing game of rugby. That has led to many heated debates as to whether the games should be accepted or not. However, despite all this, both tag and touch rugby are very fun and exciting games.