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Yoga bag Essentials

So you’ve finally decided to try yoga and joined up at your local yoga studio. Besides the obvious like mat, towel and a good deodorant like Rexona clinical for women, here are some other essentials for the yoga bag you may not have thought to pack.

Mat spray

It is always good to carry refreshing mat spray you can use to clean your mat after class, especially if it’s been a sweaty one. A mat spray will not only clean your mat and get rid of germs but also make your mat smell great. There are some beautiful natural yoga mat sprays on the market, that don’t contain any nasty chemicals, so check them out at either your local studio or health food store.


Yoga mat towel

If you are one to get sweaty then a yoga mat towel is essential. Not only does it help wipe away the sweat dripping down your face, and body, there are specific yoga mat towels that will help with gripping to the floor. So no more slip and slide on the mat, when your palms get sweaty.

Mat strap

If you don’t have enough room in your bag for your mat, then you can get some great carrying straps that simply wrap around the mat and then provide a shoulder strap. Look out for a strap that is two in one and acts as a carry bag as well as a yoga strap in your practice.


As a newbie to yoga, blocks will become an essential part to your practice. In fact even advanced practitioners should use them. Yoga bocks help to modify poses when difficult, or even make them harder if you need to advance. They also help in getting a comfortable seat, for breathe and meditation practice.

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Rescue remedy

If you are finding it hard to unwind before you get to yoga class, and you spend just the first half of it with that constant chatter in your head, then get some rescue remedy. Rescue remedy is a naturopathic formula that can help you cope with stress. Have a few sprays or drops on your way to yoga class and you will be centered and calm by the time you get on your mat.

Invigorating essential oils

Yoga is great for helping you find a deep calm and true relaxation, which is great, except if you have to wake up for work, or head back after lunch. Carry some invigorating essential oils in your bag. Get Eucalyptus which helps gain mental clarity or peppermint to awaken the senses, tangerine uplifts you, or if you are wanting to stay in that deep relaxed state, use lavender.