Classic wardrobe essentials for travel

When packing for travel it’s hard to find the balance between packing too much or too little.  Nothing worse then getting to your destination and realising you have packed all the wrong stuff. To ensure you have all the right outfits I have created a list of classic wardrobe essentials that will cover you for all occasions.

1. Long comfy pants

Long comfy pants are an essential item, especially for any plan, train, or bus ride, where the aircon is usually cranked to the max. Just because you are going for comfort factor too doesn’t mean you need to look daggy. Look for some printed, relaxed pants from online retailers such as Universal Store for some super stylish comfy pants. Getting something a little bit more fashionable too, means they won’t just be limited to wearing whilst in transit.


2. Neutral coloured tanks

Pack some neutral coloured tank tops, black, white grey, that you can wear with all your bottoms. Having some plain tops then makes it easy to dress the outfit up or down depending on the occasion.

3. A two in one dress

A dress that can either be worn to the beach, or on a night out is a must for any travel. Find something flowy that is perfect for chucking over the bikini or can be glammed up with some funky jewelry. Making it a two in one saves on suitcase room too.       


4. Comfy walking shoes

When travelling it’s amazing how much time you spend on your feet. I know you want to look good in all your travel photos, so you think those new cute shoes are perfect. However when your feet get sore and are covered in blisters, you would have wished you went for comfort. Look for shoes that have a supported arch and won’t rub. These don’t need to be those geeky travel sandals you see, there are some cute comfy shoes on the market. Though if purchasing new shoes, make sure you wear them in first.

6. Some fun accessories

Think fun jewelry and bright coloured scarves, and I’m not talking about the winter wooly kind here. By having a few different accessories, you can change the same outfit to have a completely different look. Scarves also come in handy to wrap around those scratchy airplane pillows. For jewelry, just don’t pack your grandmothers ring, think costume jewelry so it’s no big deal if it gets lost or stolen.


7. Practical outwear

A long cotton button up shirt can help layer outfits or can act as a light jacket if the weather gets cool. Don’t forget the rain jacket too as it’s never fun to be caught out without one.

These are my favourite, classic wardrobe essentials. With these basics, you’ll be set for almost any occasion. What are your favourite classic wardrobe essentials? Let me know in the comments below.