4 Small Gifts You Can Give Just Because

I find the concept of having to buy someone a gift just because it’s their birthday or Christmas time a little stressful. I’m one of those people who constantly see things throughout the year and know that it will make the perfect gift for a certain friend or loved one, but prefer to give it then and there. If you’re like me and really relish buying people gifts, just to show that you care and are thinking of them, then here are 4 small gifts you can give just because and that I know will be well received.

1. Coffee
For a coffee drinker, there’s nothing better than a cold or hot glass of their favourite brew. For many of us, coffee has become almost a ritual in our daily lives. That’s why I think anything coffee related for a coffee lover makes for an excellent gift. One of the best coffee related gifts I’ve heard about lately is coffee delivery – basically you can set up an automatic coffee delivery service to ensure your home or office is never without. Can you imagine receiving¬†freshly roasted coffee beans every week without even thinking about it? It does sound like perfection. This is a simple gift that’s easy to organise and I’m sure will be so well received.

2. Something for Their Pets
I personally love animals and any of my friends dogs are basically considered to be my godpups. I know that’s not a real thing, but you get my point. I love furry animals and I also love spoiling them. That’s why whenever I see a gift I think their animals will love, I am more than happy to buy it. The next time I pop over for a visit I can whip out the treats or toy and confirm my status as their favourite visitor.¬†Wonder Chews are a great treat to take over because it helps with dental hygiene and keeps the pups entertained.

3. Portable Phone Charger
Do you have a friend who’s constantly caught with their phone battery going flat? This drives me crazy and can make it so hard to keep in touch with them. I have bought a few friends like these simple rechargeable battery packs and it’s made such a big difference for both of our lives. As time goes on, I can tell my Smart phone’s battery is starting to die down and the charge doesn’t last as long, so these portable rechargers are a much cheaper alternative than investing in a whole new phone.

4. Your Time
Although gifts are lovely to give and receive, the best gift we can give someone we care about is our time. Check in with your friends, especially those you haven’t heard from in a while. Organize a catch up if you think it’s been too long and really focus on your listening skills so you can make your friend feel valued and loved. This is something I like to do regularly with all my friends, but can be even more important if you know your friend is going through a period of great change such as moving house, changing jobs, or starting a family.

I love spoiling those closet to me and with these four simple ideas you can spoil them without breaking the bank. Check out these great services if you’re in the market for selling or buying a property.