3 Things to do Before You Sell Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home? It can be such an emotional time, after all it’s where you created so many memories the past few years. If you know it’s time to move on, whether your family is expanding or you need to downsize, or you’re moving elsewhere for work, there are a few things you should do before you sell your home in order to get the best price. Here are my top three things to do before you sell your home.

1. Invest in the Essentials
This will depend on your home, but in general I think it’s a good idea to invest in some basic repairs that will help add value to your home. Things to think about include – how does your home present itself from the street? If the outside is a bit rugged and old, then prospective buyers might be put off before they even get inside. I’d invest a little in a fresh coat of paint to ensure the house looks as new as possible. Another issue is if the house has any major issues. Most prospective buyers are going to come through with an inspector to see if there are any big issues that may crop up if they purchase the property. It’s better to invest in the big issues before they become big issues – not only will it be cheaper, but it will ensure you don’t scare off potential buyers. Check out this website here for some repairs you can do to your home.

2. Work with an Agent
Sometimes it can be tempting to save money wherever you can – even on hiring an expert to help you with your property sale. But the truth is, often real estate agents can help you get a higher price than you would be able to command by yourself meaning that often the amount you invest in them pales in comparison to what they can help you get for your property. Obviously it depends so much on the agent and the market, but I personally wouldn’t want to sell my property without their expertise. If you want to learn more about selling real estate, there are plenty of articles that can help you be best prepared.

3. Check Out the Market
I think it’s such a good idea to spend some time browsing other properties for sale in your area, to see what kind of price point you can expect for your home. Obviously it’s impossible to guess exactly how much money you’ll be able to expect from your sale, but spending a bit of time checking out the market will allow you to be better prepared. This is also where working with a professional agent comes in handy, often they can give you an estimate based on their years of experience. Having a rough idea of how much you will be able to sell your property for will help you better estimate how much you’ll have to spend on your next purchase which can help you with what properties to view. Don’t forget to be mindful of all the extra costs you might have, such as lawyers fees, property taxes and of course any agent fees.

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