5 Top Tips for Budding Caterers 

Are you an aspiring caterer? If so, who could blame you? It’s the perfect profession for anyone who loves to both cook and interact with members of the public. To get your food business up and running to a good start, look no further than our top five tips. 


  • Learn ALL food safety laws inside and out 


Safety is key, especially when it comes to selling food. You’ll no doubt know this already, of course – but it’s vital that you learn all food safety laws back to front. That way, you can cook, prepare and serve food to customers with complete peace of mind. Regularly visit the Food Standards Agency website, and you’ll be able to stay on top of any changes in regulation at all times. 


  • Learn from the best 


You’re a hopeful food business owner – so, why not seek advice from the best chefs and caterers in the industry? Whichever kind of food company you want to set up – whether it’s a catering company or a restaurant – why don’t you organise some work experience or a shadowing placement? In doing so, you’ll likely gain plenty of useful tips on how to break into the industry successfully. 


  • Stock up on the right equipment 


Just like any trade, if you’re to do it properly, catering requires the right equipment. Get yours from a specialist, and you’ll be able to wow your customers from the word go, safe in the knowledge that your appliances are reliable. Equipped with the correct tools and appliances, your kitchen or catering space with be fully prepared for any culinary task. 


  • Grow your online network


Once you’ve sorted out your cooking area, it’s time to head online. Social media platforms like Instagram were made for sharing images – so, how about making the most of them? Post pictures of your culinary delights on widely used sites, and you’re guaranteed to gain followers. And the more people you reach through your posts, the more customers you’re likely to bring in. Add trending hashtags related to your branch of the food industry to really reap results both on and offline. 


  • Give away free samples 


Want to really attract people to your restaurant or catering business? Offer free samples of your food, and you’ll be able to advertise your products face-to-face. Take your treats to the high street close to your new company’s base, or if there’s a bake sale or a fare in the local area – take them there. Set up a stall to showcase your brand’s logo, and you’ll be better able to leave a lasting impression with those you meet. 

Catering is almost always a good career option for talented chefs – after all, the sector is able to withstand the test of time. Now that you know how, you’ll be able to master this industry.