Health Benefits Of Camping: Why You Should Camp More

Traveling is supposed to be a way to unwind and recharge so you can have some balance in your life. All too often, a vacation leaves you feeling like you need another vacation to actually relax.

Between the stress of airports, being packed on a plane and crowds when you finally arrive, it is not exactly the best way to unwind.

The perfect recipe, then, is to go camping.

You’re actually not just taking a break when you camp, but you also end up with a myriad of health benefits that come along with it.

In this article, I will go over the ways that you can end up healthier when you take up camping for your holidays.

Just get out there

Many people will come up with a lot of excuses as to why they can’t go camping. None of them are really valid. Not enough space in your car for the gear? Add more storage to your car with a hitch cargo carrier or roof box. Not an outdoorsy person? Try glamping which is much more comfortable and still is one of the most relaxing ways to holiday. There are really hardly any reasons to not go camping. Even if you have mobility issues there are campgrounds that cater to handicapped people.

Reset your circadian rhythms

Your mental, physical and behavioral changes over the period of the day are your circadian rhythm. When one of those three is stressed, then your body clock needs to be reset. Your body clock controls your sleep/wake cycles, hormone release and body temperature so you are balanced and mentally healthy. Getting out into nature helps reset that clock and gets your body and mind back to a healthy setting.

Get fresh air

Your lungs are likely begging for a cleanse if you live in a city. Getting out into the woods or mountains with lots of trees will help clear out the lungs. When you rid yourself of all the pollutants they have been accumulating, then you can breath more deeply and get more oxygen to your blood.

Reduce stress

Your commute, deadlines, rude coworkers or customers and everything else that goes into trying to get through the workday all disappears when you are out camping. Your focus is on pitching your tent, collecting firewood and treating yourself to a fireside hot chocolate rather than all the stressful events that drove you to the middle of nowhere.

Get your Vitamin D

The only way to get Vitamin D the natural way is to expose yourself to sunlight. Sitting on a beach in the sun will get you plenty, but with how easy it is to get skin cancer, it is not ideal.

Being outside camping is a good way to get sun without overdoing it. Then your body can make enough Vitamin D to keep your bones strong.

Sunlight, fresh air and the din of the city far, far away will get you back to good health while having fun doing it.