8 Ingredients of Every Successful Office Christmas Party

Everyone’s heard of office Christmas parties that rocked and others that, well, definitely did not. Some are dreaded while others are the highlights of the year. So what separates a great Christmas party from a flop? Here are 8 ingredients to ensure that your office Christmas party is never forgotten. In a good way, that is.



Everything is better with music, and any work Christmas party would be incomplete without festive music blaring out. There are seemingly endless festive music choices. Come together with other co-workers about what would be best. Find something that isn’t annoying or distracting. Also, pay careful attention to the volume once the party begins. If people are yelling to talk to the person next to them, adjust the volume.


Bringing along family, whether that means a significant other or children. This will help to make the party more meaningful. It’s easy to forget that co-workers exist outside of work since, often, that’s the only context that you see them in. Bringing along family “humanises” others and helps everyone to let their guard down. All of a sudden, that perturbing fellow worker in the cubicle next to you isn’t as bad as you thought. Just make sure that you know who it’s ok to bring before the party begins.

Make an Appearance

Apart from an illness or a family emergency, make going to your office Christmas party a priority. No, you won’t get written up for not showing, but attending shows that you care. Your employer throws the party as a gift and appreciation for their workers. Not showing, in a sense, is like turning down a gift. It’s hurtful to the giver and discourages future giving. If you’re really struggling in your job, make an appearance, put on your best happy face and have another valid obligation to get you out a little early.

Avoid Cliques

Joining up with your favorites at work during your party is perfectly fine. Just make sure to mingle with a wide variety of people. This relationship building will prove that you have social maturity and will strengthen other integral work relationships. Pick a few of the people that you feel least comfortable talking to. Boldly walk up to them and strike up a conversation. You may be surprised by how much you have in common.


Forget the Bad

Office Christmas parties naturally bring a lot of emotions to the surface, good and bad. Christmas can be a stressful time for families financially, from rising heating bills to a gift budget. Do your best to remember that a major focus of Christmas involves showing goodwill to others. This means a concerted effort to bury the hatchet at least for the day, to smile, relax and enjoy the company of others.

Alcohol Control

If there’s alcohol at the party, there’s no problem enjoying some. Just make sure that you’re not that guy or girl that everyone talks about in hushed voices and snickers the next work day. If alcohol happens to be your weakness, save the heavier drinking for another time.


Other etiquette issues are important to remember besides just alcohol. Make sure that you’re not too formal or casual. Remember to smile, make eye contact and shake hands. In summary, remember the differences between work-related parties and those held between family and friends.

A Positive Gift

Give a valuable gift to your supervisors and co-workers. Think of what you admire about them, even if you have to dig deep. Sincerely share those feelings. You’ll see their eyes light up. There’s nothing more draining than a workplace devoid of encouragement. Even if no one else is doing it, go ahead. Give a gift that matters more than one you can buy.

These ingredients for a successful work Christmas party are helpful for employers as well as employees. Keeping them in mind will ensure that your party is a smashing success. After all, who wants to begrudgingly go to what is supposed to be a joyful occasion?