The Most Popular Wedding Themes for your Wedding Website

Wedding themes for websites are as personal and individual as you are as a couple. No two are exactly alike. Even though things like templates, clickable links and widgets may be similar, the completed website will look exactly like your personal engagement and marriage stories, totally unique.

Finding Web Hosting that Fits Your Vision

One of the most important first steps in creating the wedding website of your dreams is to find a good web hosting service that provides exactly the templates and tools you need to get your wedding website up and running. Once you’ve found your host, whether it’s through recommendations from friends, online reviews and recommendations, or by online research, you’ll be ready to start designing your website.

Depending on your skill at creating websites, there are web hosting sites that will provide step-by-step directions and recommendations to make your website look its best. Some may require coding experience, but most do not. Many use methods like drop and drag and filling in the blanks to make things easy. Ready to use, professionally designed templates make it easy even for beginners to do a great job creating a personalized website.


The Most Popular Wedding Themes for Wedding Websites

– Traditional theme – With backgrounds like floral arrangements, scrolls and Fleur De Lis themes for classic, timeless and elegant appeal. You’ll usually include a picture of the two of you on the front page, along with your basic story and introduction, a wedding date countdown widget, and links for a blog, wedding date and time information, maps, venue information, photo pages and an RSVP feature.

– Newspaper theme – Styled along the lines of a typical newspaper or magazine, you can include things like current headlines relating to your wedding plans, beautiful glossy photos, current wedding trends, honeymoon information and even fun features like a gossip page.

– Beach themed – With backgrounds like sand and palm trees, a beach theme works especially well for destination weddings. Seashells and maritime accoutrements add special design touches. You can also include your names drawn in the sand with a heart and other beach inspired ideas.

– Rustic themed – The great outdoors has never looked better when you add woodsy, rustic accents to your wedding website theme. Accents can coincide with decor that will be used at the wedding itself and can include things like branches, floral accents, twinkling lights, burlap designed backgrounds, colored leaves and other outdoorsy accents.

– Geographical themes – Depending on where your wedding will be held and where the two of you are from, you can showcase a variety of geographical themes. They can range from European themes, to more localized ideas like a Kentucky Derby theme, music inspired themes for a wedding near a musical locale like Nashville, Memphis, Detroit or Los Angeles, sports themes, or a Hawaiian or Mexican theme.

– Vintage themes – Lace inspired backgrounds, along with antiques and antique styled designs to remind your invited wedding guests of bygone days. It could also include an old-time photo of the two of you. At the wedding itself, you could have a vintage inspired photo booth with accessories to provide a fun touch for your wedding guests.


Essentials for a Great Wedding Website

Things that you absolutely should include on your wedding website are links to photos, a blog, your personal love story of how you met and how the important question was asked. Venue maps and information, hotel information for out-of-town guests, and a convenient RSVP button are other essentials.

Nice to have features are a countdown widget letting everyone know how many more days until your big day, and any extra information about the venue. Be sure to include whether the reception will be casual or formal, and any other helpful information.

An Accurate and Easy to Use Website is Best

It’s nice when your website is easy to scroll, when you’ve double checked to be sure that all links work right, and you’ve checked it over for accuracy in things like addresses for your wedding venue and reception venue, directions, and links to gift registries. It’s also good to use eye-catching colors. You can choose to go with the colors that will be featured at your wedding, so there is synchronization between your website, your save the date cards, invitations and your wedding decor.

If you’d like others to share your website links, be sure to include widgets for social sharing, and any hashtags you’d like guests to use when sharing pictures and stories from your wedding day. Sharing makes it more fun for you and your guests.


Blogging Can Be Fun and Informative!

Having a blog on your website makes it possible to share the special stories leading up to your wedding, the back-stories, and other interesting information you might not otherwise be able to share personally with each guest. You might include interesting family stories, information and backgrounds on bridesmaids and groomsmen and other information that will help your guests to get even more enjoyment from sharing your wedding day.

A blog is the place to share that funny story about trying on different dresses, or a heartwarming story if the bride will be wearing a dress handed down from another generation. This is the place to let your creativity and sense of humor shine!

Be Sure to Include a Guestbook

Having a guestbook will provide a space for everyone to wish you well online as well as on your wedding day. If they can’t make it to your wedding, it gives them a place to express heartfelt sentiments. You’ll probably be surprised at the variety of comments, ranging from humorous to beautiful and touching.

Your Wedding Website Becomes a Keepsake

Your wedding website becomes a sentimental keepsake even long after your wedding bells rang, the dances were danced and laughter shared. You’ll always have the stories, photos and sentiments that were exchanged online to help you remember all the loving support behind your wedding day.