8 Outdoor Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy This Summer

This summer, most families are looking for fun, active things to do together. After months of being inside and stuck on lockdown, families are ready to get outside and spend quality time doing memorable activities, like a day cruise San Diego or a visit to a historical site. Here are eight outdoor activities for families this summer.

Nature Hikes

The first place to start with the outdoors is at your local national, state or regional park. All over the country, there are parks with scenic nature trails waiting to be explored. Get your kids ready with some snacks, sunscreen, water and bug spray and start hiking.

Wildlife Watching

Another activity to wow your family this summer is a wildlife-watching excursion. Book a blue whale watching San Diego tour to get a glimpse of the majesty of these amazing marine mammals.

The Beach

Next, make some memories this summer at the beach. Choose one of the many pristine beaches along the ocean coastline or go inland a bit and experience the water and sun at a lake. Cool off in the water and work on your tan while your family gets some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation on the sand and in the waves.

A Day at Sea

Go even deeper into the ocean exploration theme with a day trip aboard a boat. A day cruise is a perfect way to get that quality time with your family and discover new sights and sounds. Once aboard, you may even spot some unique sea creatures. Be sure to research the whale sightings today San Diego before heading out to get a better idea of what you and your family members are in store for when sailing.


A family camping trip is a great way to get out of town and away from the crowds this summer. Take your kids to a rustic, wooded camping spot and set up your tent and supplies for a stress-free adventure in the great outdoors. Take advantage of the setting and get your family away from their tablets, laptops and smartphones.


Families can also spend some time together bonding with competitive sports. Turn your backyard into a sports and activity center by investing in a few supplies to keep everyone moving and having fun this summer. Consider buying a volleyball net, a soccer ball, a basketball hoop, badminton rackets and more to get everyone outside and exercising in the mild weather.


Another fun outdoor activity that you and your family can easily do at home is gardening. Start your own backyard garden and give your kids a lesson on food sustainability and horticulture. Plant some hardy fruits and vegetables and make delicious recipes with your harvest.

Community Clean-Ups

With so many people getting back to nature and exploring the outdoors, there has been an increase in the amount of litter left behind on trails and other outdoor recreational spots. Put a few hours aside a week to help clean up some of the trash in your community’s parks. 

Make this summer the best ever by taking part in these outdoor activities. Give your family a reason to keep moving and make every moment incredible.