Canadian Businesses Providing Real Quality

Sometimes it can feel like every business is out to make a quick buck without caring about their customers or the quality of the services and products they provide – from one cold call to the next, it can feel like you’re being constantly taken for a ride. But there are great businesses with integrity out there, and here are just a couple of Canadian businesses providing real quality and customer care for the 21st century.

Silver Cross Home Accessibility

For almost thirty years, Silver Cross has been helping people make their homes accessible and usable, whether for those with mobility issues or elderly customers who want to stay in their own home safely as long as possible. Offering stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, home elevators and more, Silver Cross help their customers choose the best equipment to suit their mobility needs and provide expert installations to get things up and running quickly and easily. They even offer a free advice service over the phone, so you can discuss your needs and find out what’s right for you before being asked to make a commitment. offer a fantastic combination of exceptional customer service and top of the range products!

Canadian Doors Ottawa

Local to Ottawa, Canadian Doors offer garage door repair services. With professional and friendly customer care alongside their high quality, well-priced services, Canadian Doors offer installation and replacement as well as repairs and have served happy customers for almost a decade. Their highly qualified and courteous technicians are happy to help with any and all garage door needs, as Canadian Doors recognise that the garage door is essential – keeping not only our cars safe but the odds and ends of family life we all store in our garages. Their quick, high-quality service reflects their commitment to their customers’ needs.

Stemmler’s Local Wholesale Meat

A family run business offering artisanal meat products, Stemmler’s is a fantastic local meat supplier based in Ontario. Started as a simple market stall in the 1980s, Stemmler’s first store gained a reputation for high quality and the unique selling point that customers could actually see their meats being prepared – something you can still do today. A staple supplier for health and environment-conscious customers who care about the origin of their food, Stemmler’s supply a delicious range of meat products across the Ontario region.

So whether you’re after a safe way to get around your home, your garage door has been giving your trouble or you really fancy a high-quality steak for dinner, these three honest businesses will give you the quality and care you crave.