Would You Have Thought of This? Successful Products You Didn’t Know Existed

There are some things out there that you just wouldn’t know anyone had thought of – whether it’s a device to shield against multiple lightning strikes, the perfect present for a teenager, or a whole company dedicated to renting fiber optic products. But people do think of these things, and they’re pretty interesting – read on to find out more about them.

EMP Shield

After realising that there were no multi-use Electromagnetic Pulse shields on the market – even for the military –  inventor of the EMP Shield Tim Carty designed his product. Created to protect against intense Electro-Magnetic Pulses such as lightning strikes or Nuclear Blasts, the result is a cost-effective EMP shield that can withstand multiple lightning strikes and is ideal for homes and businesses. It’s easy to instal with just four wires to connect, and would even protect your electrics from the massive EMP produced by a nuclear blast. These products are the only ones of their kind able to offer a lifetime warranty, and they surpass military equivalents. Helpfully, EMPShield also runs an EMP awareness campaign, where you can learn more about the potential effects of an EMP and how an EMP Shield can help you futureproof your home or business. – renting fibre optic equipment

Committed to the idea of a connected America, Millennium Leasing rents all the equipment necessary for installing fiber-optic networks easily. This business is a great one to support; owned and run by a disabled veteran, they also support their employees to dedicate their time to a charity of their choice over each month. Millennium Leasing have carved their niche in the equipment rental market by offering three unique selling points: localised equipment sourcing, flexible financing and customised solutions to suit you. You can find out more about their services and approach at, but for now, all you need to know is you won’t find a better service for renting fiber-optic equipment anywhere else.

The Perfect Present for a Teenager

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Teenagers are a nightmare to buy for – it’s impossible to know what they want to do, what they enjoy talking about or even what hobbies they have. But This Lady Blogs have come up with a great list of practical but fun gifts any teenager will enjoy, including a reusable cup (perfect for a sustainability orientated teen), a personalised phone case and car accessories. My personal favourite though has to be the jojo’s bizarre adventure shirt, available from It’s cool, it’s funny, and if they don’t like it for daywear it would make a great pajama top – you can’t lose!

So there you have it – three successful products and businesses that most of us would never have thought of. Whether you’ve been preoccupied with the nuclear threat lately or more concerned with an upcoming teen birthday, these entrepreneurs have got your back.