Dealing With Celebrations When Away from Home

If you’re a long term traveller, expat, frequent business traveller or someone who’s spent any length of time overseas you’ll understand how difficult it can be missing out on special celebrations, or having to celebrate things by yourself far away from your family and friends. Special days such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, Easter and weddings are all occasions that feel very different when you’re half a world away. I find it really hard being apart from my family, especially at Christmas, but that’s just something I have to cope with in exchange for the opportunity to travel the world and experience new things

However, I’ve learned a few things that help make dealing with celebrations even easier. With Mother’s day coming up, you might like to use a few of these suggestions in order to make this day feel special even if you’re far from your mother.

birthday celebration
Get A Canvas Print 

This might seem odd, but a large, beautiful photo is a great way to bring your family with you – wherever you on. On the other side, sending a family member a canvas print is a great way to say sorry for missing their special occasion. It might be for a birthday, Christmas present, wedding present or even just a “I’m thinking of you” gift. For those who treasure photographs, a canvas print can be one of the most thoughtful gifts they receive. One of the best things about ordering canvas prints online is that you can send it to almost any country in the world easily.

Log onto Skype

Just because you’re on the opposite side of the planet doesn’t mean you can’t see each other, “hang out” and catch up properly. Sure, video chatting on Skype isn’t quite the same as being together in person, but it certainly helps. You can even co-ordinate what you’re doing, from eating cake together to celebrate a birthday to watching a movie together… despite being miles apart. Skype makes missing important events, almost bearable.

Make New Friends

It can be really hard to move overseas, leaving all your friends and family behind. There’s nothing worse than spending a special occasion at home, alone, by yourself. Although your new friends cannot replace those you’ve left behind, they will make it a lot more bearable and even fun. I know lots of expat friends who have made such a great group of friends that they’ve almost become their family, spending special occasions such as Christmas with them.

Little changes can make a big difference to how happy and comfortable you feel when you’re miles away from those you care about, especially when it comes to special occasions.