Eco-Friendly Solutions Can Add Value To Your Home

Most people only think of environmentally solutions for their home in the context of a wider pledge to reduce their carbon footprint, but this isn’t the only benefit. By adding some eco-friendly additions to your property, you could also be increasing its value. Studies have shown that green homes can be worth thousands more than energy sapping abodes, for a number of reasons. As well as boosting its value, you’ll also be cutting down on your monthly energy bills, which can put plenty of money in your back pocket before you eventually decide to sell.



Trend Setting


The whole world seems to be talking about the environment; indeed, it’s become something of a ‘trendy’ movement to be a part of. This is only going to become more pronounced over the coming years, as more and more government initiatives are put in place to help reduce a household’s emissions. Having the infrastructure already in place will make your property more attractive, especially if there are tax and other benefits involved with having an eco-friendly property. Also, the next generation of homeowners are going to be more environmentally focused than previous generations; they might not even think of buying a property unless it’s earth-friendly.


Toastier, More Efficient Home


Make your home warmer, reduce the noise from outdoors, and keep your energy bills to a minimum? Sounds good to us. Adding loft and cavity wall insulation is one of the simplest things you can do in your home, and it won’t affect the cosmetic look of your property either. You should also be adding double glazing windows. Both of these will help keep the heating you produce inside of the home, as they’ll help prevent heat being lost through the wall and windows. Prospective buyers would be thrilled if their energy bills will be kept low thanks for your foresight!


Into the Garden


Being eco-friendly isn’t about not using any of the earth’s resources; it’s about using them in a responsible, sustainable way. The market will respond to homes that have eco-friendly systems in place that don’t affect the quality of the home. Get in touch with plumbing services and have a rainwater tank installed; if you have the right setup installed, you can be using water that’s fallen from the sky to wash your dishes, yourself, and, in some cases, even drink. There are also benefits to adding a vegetable garden to your property; prospective buyers are more likely to buy a home that already has a garden that is producing vegetables that are fit for consumption.  


Power of the Sun


Solar panels can have a high start up cost, and their not aesthetically to everyone’s tastes, but they have been shown overall to boost the value of a home. Aside from being good for the earth, solar panels also dramatically slash energy bills, and can even be a money maker if it produces enough to sell back to the grid. If a home already has solar panels set up and producing energy, the value can only rise.