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Everything You Need To Know About Supplementary Income Businesses

There is a romantic notion held by many of us that says “money isn’t important”. Songs have been written about it, entire ways of life have been built up to reinforce it. And don’t misunderstand – there are many things more important than money, but let’s be clear and honest about something: money matters.

No, success in life should not be measured in the amount of boats and diamonds you have. Money can’t buy love or happiness, but we can’t ignore the facts. Money can pay your rent or mortgage. Money can pay the bills and your insurance payments. If your car breaks down 50 miles from home in the snow, love may keep you metaphorically warm, but it won’t pay for a tank of gas to get you home. It’s this aspect that gets us out of bed to go to work in the morning. As long as we have the money to pay for the necessities, we’re fine – right?

Well, Maybe…

Ask yourself if you would be happy from now until retirement if you went through every day working at your current job, paying the bills, and nothing more. Yes, the people you have around you are what make life better. As long as you’re healthy emotionally and physically, it’s all good. But… could it be better?

Supplementary Incomes

You’ll see a lot of advice online about finding ways to build a business. Most if not all is targeted at people who are doing their day job and want to find a way to forge a new career.

For a lot of us, that’s not viable. We need the steady pay check to feel secure; we can’t take a risk on a business opportunity that might fail and leave us worse off.

So is that it – it’s the day job, or a business attempt with all the difficulties that brings?

Of course not. A supplementary business idea is not meant to be replace your day job or become the money that your home relies upon. It’s there to add a little extra, turning your free time into a viable opportunity to raise extra funds. What you do with those extra funds is your decision. They could plug holes in your budget, or go toward the holiday of a lifetime you have been dreaming of.

Keep Your Eyes Open

For every legitimate supplemental business opportunity like selling on eBay or working with there are ten scam opportunities in their place.

Pyramid schemes have been outlawed for years, but there are still plenty of ‘opportunities’ that are a pyramid scheme in all but names. Do your due diligence, study the likes of and make sure you thoroughly research an opportunity before committing.

Get Out Clause

To avoid getting caught out, for any supplementary idea you try, have a ‘get out’ clause. This is a date that you set in the future, in which you should be earning money for an endeavor – or you pull the plug. This is where it differs from a full-time business opportunity – you always have the choice to walk away and just focus on your normal career. So be ruthless, try and experiment with chances, but never be afraid to quit if it’s not bringing the rewards you want.