Fitness Tips for Online Students

Studying for any kind of degree takes up a lot of your time, but when you study online and aren’t tied down by a timetable or class times, it can sometimes be difficult to stop working. Going into online study, such as an online MBA degree, many of us think it will offer increased flexibility, and fit in well around our hobbies or commitments. While this is in theory true, if you don’t get organized and plan other things, your degree will take over all of your free time. There are some easy ways to keep fit while you study. Here are just a few of the best.


Swimming is a brilliant all over exercise. Your core muscles and back work to keep your body straight, while your limbs power you forwards. Swimming is the best exercise for those who are very unfit, suffer with injuries or are disabled, as the water takes a lot of pressure off your joints and ligaments.



Running is a brilliant exercise for students on a budget. All you need is a good pair of trainers, and then you just run out of your front door. Running can take a while to get in to, but once you get past the first few weeks, it can be enormously enjoyable and relaxing. Start with a couch to 5k program until you can comfortably run for 30 minutes, then start pushing yourself to run faster and further.


Walking is a hugely underrated exercise. Many people don’t enjoy intense workouts, but going for a brisk walk can do you good. Try and get moving as often as you can. Even if it’s just walking to where you need to be instead of driving, every little helps. If you are interested in monitoring your activity, consider investing in a Fitbit, which can also motivate you to move more.


As well as cardio exercises, it’s a good idea to do some strength training. Pilates is a great option for students as all you need is a yoga mat. Pilates uses your own body weight as resistance. You can use Pilates to target your whole body or specific problem areas you would like to strengthen and tone.


Yoga will not only strengthen and extend your muscles; it will also help you relax. Yoga breathing techniques can even be used to ease anxiety and help you sleep. If you have never done yoga before, it’s best to start with a class, so you know you are completing each pose correctly and getting the most out of your work out. But, once you are more comfortable, go ahead and try some home yoga routines using online videos.

If you are studying for an MBA degree online, you’ll be incredibly busy learning about business and marketing strategies, but getting into good fitness habits now is the best way to a brighter future.

With exercise, you can stay fit and healthy, maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, and lower your chances of many long-term health conditions. Try a few exercise plans until you find one you enjoy, as you are much more likely to stick to something you don’t dread doing.