5 Reasons for Students to Volunteer Overseas

Today, finding work experience is a huge part of the student life. Employers aren’t just looking for graduates that have done well academically; they also want to find new employees with experience of putting what they have learned into practice in a real-world setting. When it comes to getting voluntary work, there is such a wide variety of roles to choose from, making it the perfect way to discover what it is that you’re good at and enjoy doing the most. Here are some of the best reasons for students to volunteer abroad.

Travel While You’re Young

Although jobs with an MBA certainly pay enough for you to do some extensive travelling, the downside to waiting until after graduation is that with a busy career, you may not be able to travel as much or for as long as you would like. Volunteering abroad is often done over a few weeks throughout the summer break, so it’s ideal for students. Many overseas voluntary programs will help you to fundraise for your flights and provide you with accommodation, food and other basics whilst you are there.


Improve Your Resume

There are many MBA career opportunities available for those with this degree qualification, and of course many other careers available for people in other disciplines to go into. However, a degree is always worth more if you can back it up with some work experience. So, choosing a voluntary program abroad which ties in with your chosen degree program is a great way to improve your resume. For example, teaching English to children abroad is a great way to gain experience as a teacher for your resume, or volunteering at a hospital is often the perfect opportunity for medical or nursing students.

Make New Friends

Today, overseas voluntary programs aimed at students are usually the perfect mix of voluntary work, socializing and having fun. Once the day’s work is done and at the weekends, you will most likely be free to socialize with your group and travel to see the sights and tourist attractions of the area that you’re visiting. Many people meet new friends for life whilst volunteering abroad and it’s a great way to meet people from all over the world that you may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.


As a student, networking is a great way to improve your future prospects after graduation. Many student volunteering programs abroad are run by companies who may take on graduates and even student interns. So, getting involved with an overseas outreach company can be a great way to find a new role for the future and demonstrate your skills now to improve your employment chances later on.

Get a Fresh Perspective

Lastly, overseas volunteering, especially in deprived and developing countries, can often quickly give you a fresh perspective on life. Many volunteers return home a different person; with more empathy, more grateful for what they have, and with a more positive outlook on life.

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