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Fun things to do in your downtime

If you’re lucky enough to have some free time this month, you may be wondering how to spend it. Often, we get so busy that when we do have some free time we can either feel too guilty to take it- and end up cleaning the house or running errands, or we’re unprepared and spend it sitting in front of the TV.

Here are some fun things to do in your downtime:

Sports betting

If you like sports, there are numerous sports betting sites online that can use to bet on your favorite games. Sports betting makes watching sports more fun, since you have a real-life stake in the outcome, especially for big games like the Super bowl or Rugby World Cup.


Get outdoors

Most of us spend most our time sitting inside, particularly those of us who work in an office. Often, we drive directly to the office and then home again, spending all day stuck between four walls and sitting down (which is terrible for your health). Next time you have some downtime, plan to get outdoors. Whether you take the dog for a walk or grab some friends and go for a hike, you’ll find that the exercise helps you in numerous ways, clearing your mind, reducing your risk of obesity, and improving your cardiovascular health.

Be social

If you’re continually talking to your friends on social media but you can’t remember the last time you saw them in person, it’s time to meet up and hang out. Spending time with loved ones is great for your mental health, and even though it can sometimes be an effort to reach out and make sure your schedules align, you’ll usually find that it’s well worth it once you’ve had a few laughs and talked about what’s new in your lives.

Meal prep

If you find that you never have enough time to make healthy meals, it’s time to embrace meal prepping. Whenever you have downtime, batch cook some vegetables and a protein source and split into individual portions for the fridge and freezer. You’ll be able to take healthy, home cooked meals into work for lunch, and when you get home after a long day of work you can also just pop them into the microwave

Catch up

Whether it’s that book you’ve been meaning to read for years, a TV series that everyone is talking about, or a movie that has so many popular references that you feel entirely out of the loop, if you’ve been too busy to read and watch TV, now’s the time to make up for it. Make some popcorn or grab your favorite snack, curl up on the couch, and relax while you catch up on those things you’ve been missing through the year while you were caught up with the craziness of life. If you have a significant other, this can be a great way to unwind and bond together as well.