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Considerations To Make Before Selling Your Home

Before taking the decision to sell your home with special warranty deed or normally, a few last minute checks could be worthwhile to help save costs on selling fees and earn you more of a profit on the sale price. Here are some of those considerations.

Can you up value with any last minute renovations?

Major renovations take time and money, but there may be a few last minute changes that you can make to your property to quickly up the value. Eco-vating is often the quickest way to make an extra bit of value. You may be able to make some DIY adjustments yourself such as buying thermal wool and insulating the loft, or adding in draft protectors. You should also consider a quick repaint if walls are stained, faded or controversially coloured (pink or black for example). This fresh layer of paint will immediately give your property a newer feel, requiring much less costs and effort than other renovations. Similarly, if you have a garden, you should take some effort to tidy this up and make your property more presentable.

Can you increase curb appeal?

First impressions are big. How your property looks from the outside can have a major effect on the value. Consider repainting your front door, fixing up your driveway or any broken gates or guttering. Hang some flower-boxes outside to make it feel more friendly and inviting – it may not up value, but it may encourage buyers to fall in love at first sight.


Do you need an agency?

It’s possible to sell property directly yourself. This will require you to do your own marketing, but will save you the costs of an agency fee. Real estate agents have their advantages – they’re able to provide viewings of your property when you may be at work, as well as providing professional marketing. A lot of considerations should be made when choosing an agent to go with, more information of which you can find on this blog post. Remember that you can negotiate the price with agents.

Can you cut costs on legals?

A solicitor or conveyancer is required for any sales transaction involving property. However, you can save costs in this area too. As with choosing an agent, you can negotiate the price of hiring a conveyancer. You should also get multiple quotes from multiple solicitors so that you can compare – don’t always go with the cheapest option though as you do want all the legalities to be carried out thoroughly to avoid issues of ownership later down the line.

Do you need a removals agency?

If you haven’t got too many possessions to move, it may pay to hire a van and do your own removals. For properties with a lot of possessions, hiring a removals agency with a lorry may cut costs, as otherwise you’ll be using up a lot of fuel going back in forth in a van. It’s worth giving your property a clean, which you can do yourself or hire professionals for. Save costs on cardboard boxes meanwhile by asking retailers for their cardboard waste.